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    Okay, that was where I was going wrong.

    The thread telling you where to put the plugins said the "game/server directory" which, for a single player game, I took to mean:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\RisingWorld\Worlds\[world name]\

    OKay, I'll move the plugins directory from there and see how it goes.


    They move a few feet and stop but don't do a lot more. I'd want to see them go somewhere as if they were visitng another house, going to work or some similar thing. They lay down to sleep but they will do it anywhere, even on bare ground, I would prefer them to go to their "home" and sleep on a bed there.

    It would be fairly easy to tag a house as a NPC home and have them "take ownership" so others can't use it to live in but can only visit. The same goes for offices, and places of work if they could be tagged as such, they would path their way to it, appering to go to work etc for a resonable period of time. Municipal buildings and recreation like the town hall, parks, cinema's could be tagged as short term visit areas where they would go for a short while before returning.

    A lot could be done to give the appearance of a normal living and breathing village/town which would give us reason to build such things.

    if its only a dummy npc you want, standing around - then this feature is already in game :)

    I'd want them walking around appearing to go places and do things rather than just standing around doing nothing at all like the current ones do. I think having them build stuff is too much of a stretch to ask Red and his team to work on, there is so much more that could add instead of working on AI to do things WE should be doing. I'd leave it to the modding community if they want to work on a better AI and add it as a mod. So long as the town/village looks busy and people appear to be living their lives normally, it would be enough for me.

    I'd prefer if it wasn't like that. LiF starts with a fixed number of settlers and only expands due to new births. It's also a game where you direct them to do certain things to build up the town while in this game, you do the work.

    All I would like to see are NPC's who would add a bit of life to your village. Especially in single player where you have an entire world to yourself and you can buid as many towns or villages as you want but they remain ghost towns, just there to look at and nothing more. NPC's taking up residence in buildings you designate as NPC abodes would give you a reason to build huge cities, you would actually see it come to life as you build. I don't care if the NPC's don't serve a purpose like working for you, I just want to see my creations used for something other than decoration. Men, women and even children living, working and playing in a city you built.

    I like the idea for the windows. At the moment, windows will auto size for a rectangle or square window but no matter how you try it, glass just doesn't want to be anything other than a square.

    It would be nice if the glass could auto-shape to the existing space. If you have a piece of glass, it will snap onto a block, plank or beam to create a window. If it could retain the same axis and calculate how much area it has to cover, and shape itself to fit into that area, it wouldn't matter what shape our windows are.

    Not quite. Garry's mod is a tiny playfield mostly suited for deathmatch games.

    I was considering a much larger playfield with a PG landscape like RW has.

    Personally, I'd like to see a game along similar lines to RW but very basic and with API hooks into EVERYTHING, including the AI, so modders can have at it in any way they want.

    It would be really amazing to have a game created by the modding community. You download the basic game and then install the mods you want in it, so you can customise the game to your personal taste. the game then becomes what you want to play rather than only what the developer wants to add.

    Yes, I agree. Making your own fires at the moment means building around a campfire or some existing structure but it's not always as easy as it sounds. There should be two types of technical fire: A fireplace and a candle so we can have a small single flame like that from a candle or multiple flames like in a fireplace.

    NPC's that can populate a town if you assign the buildings to NPC public Accommodation, Utility, Workplace or Recreational. The "NPC Public" tag means that NPC's will use the buildings you've assigned to live, work, visit or play and the type of building is assigned to allow NPC's to act accordingly in those buildings. Workplaces could even have sub categories like office, factory and such to make the NPC's inside act accordingly. If NPC's also included children, they could act only within Accommodation and Recreational areas and travel between them.

    Of course NPC's should only take one Accommodation to use as their home but also spend time in other homes as if visiting. The number of NPC's in each accommodation is limited only by the number of beds in it so a house assigned as a "NPC Public Accommodation" must have at least one bed.

    It would provide a feeling of life in your city, town or village and stop you feeling like you're just building a ghost town.

    I don't care if I can't assign jobs for them to do, just make it feel like there's life in the game besides you.

    Even in MP, unless you have a group that wants to work together, you all have your own area to build in which results in multiple ghost towns.

    Why does 1.0 have to be the release? Surely if you have more you can add, you could stretch it out to 2.0 or even higher.

    Personally, I'd like to see this game under continual development, there is so much more that could be added. Ultimately, when the devs do decide to reelease it, I do hope there is loads of capability in the API for modders to add more content to it so we can really see how far we can push the limits of it.

    Look at Skyrim, modders have made an entirely different game of it by adding parts of Cyrodil that were previously locked out. I'd love to see that amount of lattitude given for this game so modders can really go mad.

    On the same theme as music box/radio. I would like to see a scalable TV screen that we can link youtube videos to, even if we could only view videos downloaded onto your PC (for single player) or server (for MP), it would allow us to have a working TV in game.

    It would be fairly easy to implement if the object files were added to a specific directory where the game would search for additional items to the preset ones the game has (ie: \rising world\mods\). All that is required is the correct format of the items that I would presume would normally be a default of the standard design package, I doubt the devs would create more work than was necessary so the design packages default format is usually used in game objects. The game would not load incorrect formats and most files have an internal format identifier even when the file's extension has been changed.

    Clothing for example, is usually a mesh and a DDE file from a standard 3D design package. If the code would read the games own files and then look in the mods\clothing directory after to see if there are any further designs to include, it would allow modders to simply add clothing items to the directory.

    It isn't even an API and would only require minmal coding by the devs to achieve.

    It would be down to the modders themselves to ensure the items they design have no clipping or other issues prior to releasing their mod. This is not something that later updates are likely to interfere with and therefore, modders would be unlikely to have issues that require frequent updates to the modded files.

    Since we can only clothe the NPC's we spawn in clothes identical to our character currently, it would be nice to have a lot more diversity in clothing. Even later when we can possibly change their clothes, it would be nice to have a lot more diversity.

    Rather than tie up devs with the mundane task of creating clothing items that may not be what players really want to see, why not leave it to the modding community? Modders could create themed sets of male and female clothing like those from a specific Western period like Victorian, 60's, 70's and so on. Also styles that come from specific countries like Japan, China, India and the like from differing periods in their histories from feudal to modern.

    Rising WORLD can be exactly what it suggests.

    In addition, various NPC characters could also be added in the same way, using the standard format the player character uses. Again, specific regional characters, Japanese, Chinese and so on that fit in with the theme the server has.

    It would be fairly easy if the mods had their own directories that were considered additional resource locations to the packed game files.

    However, this is going a bit off topic now so I'll take this to the suggestions. Thanks for the clarification.

    I was actually speaking of adding it as an addon by users rather than created by the devs. Somewhere we can put files and such for our own designed clothing. I would presume this comes under the remit of a clothing addon for the API.