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A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!


    I'd really like to see locks you could put on doors, chests or grates. I'd also extra like to see keys that you could fit to the lock you want and then put the key in a chest. It's probably already obvious but i'd like to build my own adventure zones/dungeons :)

    Yeah, I put 3 ores in, it smelts, and 3 ingots come out. It makes a triple-tap sound too. Like pt-pt-pt, instead of just the one.

    same thing with cloth in the paper press. It puts 2 bacon in a spot too. But, the skins don't do that.

    How do I check my framerate?

    I will see if I can make a video or I can do a twitch stream for a couple of minutes and then it will auto-copy for a week right?


    I am playing on a server with some friends, and I've noticed that I alone have to ability to triple load all the ore pockets in a furnace. Everyone else on the server can only load one per pocket.

    This also seems to be the case with the paper press.

    Is this a bug or some kind of hidden feature, and if it's a feature, how do the other people on the server get it? Because right now I'm the designated furnace loader.


    Le monde que vous decrivez me semble plutôt du type "surreal" que plat. Je ne suis pas certaine si vous avez un client en français ou non, me semblait qu'il y avait rien qu'allemand et anglais. Avez-vous un client traduit? Peut-être c'est possible qu'est mal traduite?


    for the English-comfortable crowd:


    The world you're describing sounds more like a "surreal" one than a flat one. I'm not certain if you have a French client, or what, I was under the impression it only came in English and German. Do you have a translated client? Maybe it's possible that it's translated wrong?


    I am a secret Downton Abbey fan and when I started running around making stuff, I got inspired to make a big building with textures and decorations and all sorts of stuff. So I dug a basement. That was... long. I've finished most of it though, at least, I've finished everything I can do until there are more and different things to decorate stuff with. Bathrooms are hard. I wish there was a tub.

    Anyway, here are some pictures!

    I voted cars/trucks/vans, because of a couple of factors. Cars don't need rails, so, while they're likely to use more straight fuel, simple fact is in the long run I feel like they're a little more economical for a small-scale application. Now, if it's like a giant mining/industrial area and needs to bring materials back to where the actual construction is happening, then yeah, train it all the way! Also, I think for the exploratory aspect of the game, a car is a slightly better choice, because it offers a good balance between range and speed. Have a bunch of fuel in the storage of the car, and tadaaa! Almost as good as a horse, and faster to boot.

    @ozzyjimbob oh, the camouflage thing is a nifty little idea, I hadn't even thought of that :)

    @ArcticuKitsu for the christmas/fairly lights, I figure they should be kinda placeable like the the torch holders, and then the strings of lights just snap between the anchor points you stick in there. Maybe the object is a matched pair, so you can stick the lights on one side, then the other, then you need another object?

    The dyes could come from a bunch of stuff. I figure flowers are the most obvious choice, but then you could also derive a red from the tomatoes, you could probably handwave brown from dead animals (they have skin and stuff too not just pork chops), there's going to be water and fish eventually, you could have clams for iodine for a pretty maroon. Bleach for white would be kinda difficult, the closest you could probably get without making a chemical factory in-game would probably be salt... either way, then you could have cool cloth stuff.


    I've been playing Rising World for almost a month now, it's super fun and I'm really enjoying myself. I have a few things to suggest:

    1: Quarter-column blocks. There's full columns, half columns, I'd like to see quarter-columns added for rounded corners, crown mouldings, rounding the shoulders of roads, all of that. It could be the opposite of the arch shape.

    2: Sheet-rock: I love the fact that I can build a wall with planking instead of relying solely on block construction. It really adds a lot of depth to the construction system. I'd like to see a "plank" you can make with stone, that has some of the plaster textures, or wallpapers, or other decorative interior wall effects. I'd also like to see a few textures of shingles or roof tiles.

    3: Picture frames. There's posters that you can put whatever picture you like in, I think it'd be nice to be able to put a frame around them for classical-style decorative touches. They could look essentially like window frames, but maybe with some extra texture options.

    4: Christmas lights/fairy lights. Wouldn't it be cool to have a little grove of trees with lights in there for decoration at night? These don't have to have particularly bright light to them, they could be fairly faint.

    5: Turn flowers into dyes. I like the loom and I wish I could do more with it than make a tent. I'd like to make coloured cloth, that I could then turn into things like carpets, tablecloths, tapestries, flags, etc.

    6: Mushrooms and lichen in caves. When I descend into the bowels of the earth to dig more rocks, I can't help but think there's a lot of stuff in caves IRL. The animal life is generally mostly aquatic, aside from some spiders and things near the surface, but there's almost always mushrooms and other fungus, lichen, moss and stuff. I realize more mobs is probably a ways off, but mushrooms ought to be fairly easy, and you could turn them into a food ingredient too. Maybe even have a bioluminescent type of mushroom in the really deep caves where they turn into enormous caverns.

    7: Plantable shrubs and flowers. There are a fair amount of low-growing shrubs and bushes out in the wild, but they don't drop saplings that I've seen, and man I'd like to put some low greenery around my little plot of server land. I'd also like to be able to plant flowers in flower beds. The idea of being able to stick them in the Ming vase is also cool, but limited.

    8: Buckets. Right now, there's not much use for a bucket since there's no water, but when water comes, I'd like to be able to grab some and put it where I want it. You could also use a bucket for milk from a cow, and maybe for lava if you made a really tough one.

    That's about all I have to say at the moment, thanks for reading :)