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  • Hlo,

    I've been playing Rising World for almost a month now, it's super fun and I'm really enjoying myself. I have a few things to suggest:

    1: Quarter-column blocks. There's full columns, half columns, I'd like to see quarter-columns added for rounded corners, crown mouldings, rounding the shoulders of roads, all of that. It could be the opposite of the arch shape.

    2: Sheet-rock: I love the fact that I can build a wall with planking instead of relying solely on block construction. It really adds a lot of depth to the construction system. I'd like to see a "plank" you can make with stone, that has some of the plaster textures, or wallpapers, or other decorative interior wall effects. I'd also like to see a few textures of shingles or roof tiles.

    3: Picture frames. There's posters that you can put whatever picture you like in, I think it'd be nice to be able to put a frame around them for classical-style decorative touches. They could look essentially like window frames, but maybe with some extra texture options.

    4: Christmas lights/fairy lights. Wouldn't it be cool to have a little grove of trees with lights in there for decoration at night? These don't have to have particularly bright light to them, they could be fairly faint.

    5: Turn flowers into dyes. I like the loom and I wish I could do more with it than make a tent. I'd like to make coloured cloth, that I could then turn into things like carpets, tablecloths, tapestries, flags, etc.

    6: Mushrooms and lichen in caves. When I descend into the bowels of the earth to dig more rocks, I can't help but think there's a lot of stuff in caves IRL. The animal life is generally mostly aquatic, aside from some spiders and things near the surface, but there's almost always mushrooms and other fungus, lichen, moss and stuff. I realize more mobs is probably a ways off, but mushrooms ought to be fairly easy, and you could turn them into a food ingredient too. Maybe even have a bioluminescent type of mushroom in the really deep caves where they turn into enormous caverns.

    7: Plantable shrubs and flowers. There are a fair amount of low-growing shrubs and bushes out in the wild, but they don't drop saplings that I've seen, and man I'd like to put some low greenery around my little plot of server land. I'd also like to be able to plant flowers in flower beds. The idea of being able to stick them in the Ming vase is also cool, but limited.

    8: Buckets. Right now, there's not much use for a bucket since there's no water, but when water comes, I'd like to be able to grab some and put it where I want it. You could also use a bucket for milk from a cow, and maybe for lava if you made a really tough one.

    That's about all I have to say at the moment, thanks for reading :)

  • Hmm...

    1) I agree, even if I'm partially lost reading this.
    2) I'm sure Red said something he's adding more sheet type materials. Maybe I misread, yet is something we can expect in future updates.
    3) Highly suggested feature that Red now most likely has no choice but to consider it highly. I also want to put my vote into this to classy things up :)
    4) Oh! Would be perfect for Christmas time, as with December 5th festivities. Guess I should say December for those not European. Fairy lights are also awesome that they would add nice festive touches. Now how would they be added onto trees? Preset or can we string them around manually, even using ladders & such?
    5) Turning flowers into dyes hmm...I guess turn what should be turned into dyes would be a more realistic approach. Glad we're also getting clothing as an option.
    6) So basically what we see in Skyrim to be found in this game. *nods*
    7) This should have been enabled from the start: The whole planting of flowers & garden related stuff. We should be able to plant & pot them, even craft them into different sorts of indoor variety. Once we get fuel from deserts we should have fun going the plastic plant route also heh.
    8) Buckets, water bottles, cans, glasses, cups, pots, pans, jerry cans, and all sorts of containers for all sorts of stuff. Imagining myself even transporting orange juice from one village to the next via trucks & trains, or something as simple as a horse using jerry cans.

    Loving the potential to Rising World :thumbsup:

  • @Forresst- Really nice ideas Friend! I strongly agree with the stone 'beam' idea, and think that perhaps it should have been in the game from the beginning really. Underground fungi and stuff definately! We need something to look at and give us the feel that this is in fact a changing environment and not just a 'room' underground. haa!
    I also love the thought of replanting low shrubs. we should also get sticks from the bushes as well as saplings. Eventually, why not leaves too? For camo armour/clothing and a crafting ingerdient for decoration? :)

  • @ozzyjimbob oh, the camouflage thing is a nifty little idea, I hadn't even thought of that :)

    @ArcticuKitsu for the christmas/fairly lights, I figure they should be kinda placeable like the the torch holders, and then the strings of lights just snap between the anchor points you stick in there. Maybe the object is a matched pair, so you can stick the lights on one side, then the other, then you need another object?

    The dyes could come from a bunch of stuff. I figure flowers are the most obvious choice, but then you could also derive a red from the tomatoes, you could probably handwave brown from dead animals (they have skin and stuff too not just pork chops), there's going to be water and fish eventually, you could have clams for iodine for a pretty maroon. Bleach for white would be kinda difficult, the closest you could probably get without making a chemical factory in-game would probably be salt... either way, then you could have cool cloth stuff.

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