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The animal update is now finally available for the new version!

    Maan! That 'ape crow' would fit in very well in hell! If there was some kind of underground wood or something, and these things were flapping about. haa!

    That's pretty spooky Friend! haa!

    There have been ten ton of these Rorschach (Thanks Fobsily! hee hee ) things, but i was hesitant to put them on unless only...i...could ...see them. haa! There was this one with a girl in a dress with her dog. It could have easily been used as a wallpaper or something. it looked like some weird graphic novel or comic book painting.

    Weird stuff down there in Rising World for sure! But it's always a pleasure to mine in this game. I kind of busy myself, and try to make pillars out of the rock, and tunnels in different directions, in the hopes of finding something really spectacular.....then i remember that i'm meant to be looking for ore.....8oP

    Thanks Yahgiggle! You're most kind.
    I'm keeping a similar concept for this new world, but i intend to move into a nearby village, instead of having my house waaaaaay out in the middle of nowhere. Haa!
    And, this new world has already had a really great start, due to some nice planning on paper, so i think that this will be something i run with throughout the game.
    I'll create mini projects on other worlds, but this will be my main world for sure! haa! I'll add snaps when there's something to really look at. haa!

    Take care folks! Happy building! :)

    I love this idea, but i couldn't help thinking about training my pet to find aluminium for me. haa!
    But yes! You have my vote! Something to break up the solitary grind. haa! A wolf would be very useful for me, as i would want a bit of warning if something decides to stalk up behind me as i'm exploring. My pet wolf growling, and baring his teeth, would be perfect. haa!

    Thanks folks! You're all very kind! confession.....i actually i'm working on now. So this was kind of the 'Practice' world (i still refused to use the commands and flying though ha!) I'm now working on a big town gate, and splitting up the worktables and stuff so that they're relevant to certain buildings. This will mean there will be a woodsman's cottage with the worktables in a sort of shed at the side, then there'll be the blacksmiths house inside of town, with a raised platform, where the smelting furnace and anvil stay. haa! I was drawing up plans....and couldn't stop. haa!
    Also, the town road will be raw stone, as i'm not really reeling the block road idea....
    Respect to you all!

    How about games which mimic the day-to-day slog of the character? such as some kind of time trial tree cutting game, or some kind of mining puzzle game? haa! The visuals could be sort of 'cutesy' like terraria. hee hee! There could be some really nice soundtracks too (again, nodding toward terraria ha!)
    Obviously i'm not saying copy or follow terraria in any way, but just the pixel visuals would add that kind of 'retro' look to it, making it both amusing, and fun. haa!

    @ArcticuKitsu overencumbered haa! All the crazy races and magic and junk.....and you get crippled by a wooden plate! haa!
    And why the heck does a Dragon ALWAYS have to turn up as that message comes up: You are carrying too much to run..........GRAAAA!!!!
    So begins the usual slow motion awkward, lop sided 'battle' with the Dragon. haa!

    Haa! I did mean in real life Friends, but yeah absolutely! Loads of ingredients in the wilds to collect, then take them back to our home to squash, cut , dice, blend etc. haa! Fun times ahead thanks to Red and the folks! Rising World has become a blessing on the gaming world! hee hee!

    I REALLY hope that this game will end up reducing the amount of kids who play brainless murder games, with buckets of gore etc! That's not a challenge.......trying to piece together a house roof, while balancing upon a wooden plank, or thinking how to avoid that THAT's a challenge! haaa!

    Haa haa! I know! Isn't it? It just seemed like such a shame to remove something, which was there before the town was. haa!
    Pop by whenever you like Friend, though the townsfolk do tend to close the gates tight after dusk. ha!
    I have some plans to extend the town somewhat, and perhaps i'll add to the monument in some way. haa!