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    ive seen cabins floating on Styrofoam before , very large blocks of it.
    in baffin bay tx , there is alot of them , some are kinda funky some are very nice. regardless its a pretty fun experience.

    if i recall correctly caves do not effect ore spawning rates. back in the day it was much easier to find ore in caves as opposed to mining because of spawn rates and how vast and large caves are. with caves being as wide and with alot of branching thier is alot of surface area and the chance of the cave intersecting or touching an ore deposit is quite high. awhile back though the ore spawn rates were increased so finding ore by tunneling minecraft style is quite effective. so basically i don't think having caves turned off will affect ore spawn rates. ( back in the day actually having caves turned off increased the spawn rate i believe, but that was before the more recent spawn rate update).

    well i liked how the movie Avatar handled floating islands. and i wouldnt say having floating islands completly takes away realism .... perhaps the islands can be made up of alot of iron .... and thier is some weird magnetic field stuff going on .... i mean realism is fun ... but a little Sci-fi never killed anyone ....

    based on what i gleamed from their forums its still in development. the main dev/ only dev's wife has brain tumors and has undergone treatments for over a year . so he's been very busy but it seems he will see the game through. although at this point rising world will likely be finished 1st.

    well you cant build past 256. although ive read somewhere that it may be increased a little to 280 one day . makes it kinda difficult for floating islands. well at least building anything big on them.

    the only problem with floating islands is the build limit. of course if their were to be another dimension of some sorts or world file , the ground level could be lowered maybe raising the amount of air space . although i may not be completely understanding the reason we have the build limit in the first place. personally things like the fantasy biome and such are one of my fav potential (i have my fingers crossed, for good luck) features.

    floating islands would be cool ... kinda like in Avatar ? the blue alien movie thing...... well i did hear we might see a fantasy biome so i wouldnt rule somthing like this out. plus its kinda more sci-fi than pure fantasy.

    that would be very interesting.... although im more personally interested in gravity affecting the ground , forcing caves and mines to be properly constructed, especially as you go deeper. which of course produces its own downsides, although most of which can be softened by increasing spawn rate/size deeper down.

    well if your going for realism, bears should most certainly be faster than our characters. but they shouldn't be very good at going downhill. bears have a hard time going downhill due to their weight distribution. if in doubt run downhill. thats really the only good option. bears are great climbers, often eat animals and are faster than humans*. except downhill.

    so with the addition of moose trophy's, i naturally started thinking of other possible trophy's. i more or less ignored the normal stuff(they would all be epic) because i figure they are already on the radar or will eventually be mentioned by someone else. i figured it would be cool to have a jackalope trophy. for those not aware…thical-creature/Jackalope . there wouldn't necessarliy need to be a jackalope animal in game, as long as something with antlers ( perferrably deer) are added , we would just need to be-able to craft the trophy with the antlers and some kind of rabbit drop. opinions ?

    i imagine it would be kinda awkward. if it was done right i could see it being very interesting, but thier is already many games that are similar that cater to space. if you like sand box games and space , then starmade isnt bad, Empyrion galactic is kind of like starmade and rising world togther( although i personally perfer rising world). even if done right, i dont think it would be in the games best interest, i dont want RW to be a jack of all trades and master of nothing. in conlusion, im not necessarily against the idea, just skeptical about if it would benefit the game as a whole.

    so i noticed that although most trees now drop more saplings, lemon trees dont. for example ive found that apple trees either drop 1 , 2 or 3 saplings but from the 5 lemon trees ive cut down , they either drop one or none. which means in some cases the lemon tree population may actually shrink. which is what happened to my lemon tree farm, went from 5 trees to 3 then 1. quite sad. but i do have alot of apple saplings, so thats good.

    .... wow. Totally epic. Chickens! and a hunting trophy ... that's just awesome. and being able to pickup some items, that's great. all in all this update is a good balance of things everyone wanted to see, and that the game needed. optimization, and more content! not to mention this update to me shows how well yall (The devs) listen to the community. not too long ago , some of these things were just posts in the suggestions section. Keep up the good work :)