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    Hello guys!
    Sorry for the delay ... but only giving back to my problem, after format a few times, I changed my system to 64Bytes, updated my video card, updated the Java to the latest version, bought new memory updated the BIOS was almost buying a new computer!! Hahaha :D:D behold the problem disappeared!
    I can't explain the cause but possibly some outdated driver or conflict should be.
    Functional game! Many thanks to support from the forum! :thumbsup:

    My game runs perfectly fine :whistling:

    Yes I understand and do not blame the upgrade, I believe I have some problem in MY CASE, requezitos of the current game, files, my account or any other problem.
    I have other games and run perfectly!
    But the RW on my PC nothing! X/:thumbdown:

    Honestly, after this last updated for me was crap! :thumbdown::thumbdown::cursing:

    I just reformat my PC, (I thought it might be problem conflict in versions 32 bit to 64 bit) put a 2 GB memory card (total4gb) but still the game opens, enter the server and closes on its own. and the message below.
    Remembering my PC is not very good, but even with 2 gb RAM running smoothly the game.

    Already updated the video card, JAVA, I checked the files of the game on steam, but nothing!!! There is no power on this earth to do run the game!

    Very good RED51, has a good nose for the problem. :D

    So with your diagnosis, we can consider some changes I made in my Windows, I was with 32Bits a week ago, ai moved recently to 64Bits (without formatting). :/
    I also put 2 sticks of 2 GB each.

    My computer is not very good, but always played the Rising World well, and after these changes.

    Will the last solution I format my PC altogether? 8|;(


    :S:S So here we go again!

    How had commented the problem was solved, I did the reinstall, and it all worked out so far appear this error sometimes when I try to run the game, on the second attempt he enters and every time I go out, and to return to the menu, it closes the game alone.

    Processes that I've done:

    -Reinstalling solve at first, but over time the back problem.
    -Reinstall JAVA, already uninstalled and reinstalled JAVA sometimes.
    -Don't own any anti-virus program installed, not to be an Anti-Malware and all but I think is not responsible for the problem

    And introduce me this message:
    I've done the procedure that passed me up and appeared the following message

    What should I do? ?(?(?(?(?(

    Suggestion! Top 5 or 10 or 20 in the opinion of the gamers :thumbsup:
    It may be a list + (link to Download) of the main Script that can not miss on a server.

    Linking a list e.g.
    Name of the Script do what?

    For who is creating a dedicated server and newbie like me. Helps a lot!
    Then nothing more important to have the opinion of who's good for the game.

    Thank you! :D

    Talk RED51 always active and giving the support you guys! :D

    Talk RED51 always active and giving the support you guys!
    Then a friend, made several checks but the problem persisted as a last alternative uninstall the game and re-installed again and solved the problem.
    Believe me, (not sure) in the earlier version had the translator to Brazilian Portuguese (I am Brazilian look at my perfect English rsrs) and now with the new version there must have been some conflict.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled the game translation and the problem was solved!

    Thank you and long live the RW :thumbsup:

    the only sign that appeared the name was this in the photo and see how it turns out.
    This issue will also be fixed in the next update ;) It seems to happen to those small signs only (you are able to write 2 lines of text of it, but only 1 line of text was intended).

    Hi Red
    This Board is the only one to write, any other card I can't even in two or more rows ... only that same and appeared as the photo, test was performed in dedicated server

    Using Google translation!! Hehehe ;)

    Temos também Brasileiros... :) Parabéns a equipe... cada vez mais o Rising World conquistando o mundo!
    Sucesso e vida longa ao Game!

    Obs. Já ancioso para o próximo Update principalmente transportes... Red51 irá ter muito trabalho pela frente, parabéns e sucesso!

    Vou lá atualizar o nosso server brasileiro! Calro, mas também aberto para os amigos de todo o mundo!

    Thank you!

    Hello Guys

    I wonder if there is some script to teleport where I can create points in my world, and teleport players, only restricted the use of Admins?.
    For example I am developing a server that is growing in an orderly manner but stop the player ' s, more "wise guys" created a prison with cells, and when those behaving badly on the server I can teleport you to prison with time, instead of Kicka it. .. or give a Ban ... Would be attractive and cool the way "kind" to punish some players.

    Note it would be possible to block the command in the console goto #spawn? because it would not make sense to have this script with this command active. :)
    I saw that there is a script here on the forum that I'm using but for me it is not clear how to use because instead of you type something like:/teleport (nome_local) you must enter the number always a local order created.

    To be sure, we'd have a script like this, something like the commands below:
    /teleportset [place name] creates the point for transport
    /teleport [place name] goes to the point created.
    Thank you and sorry my bad English!

    @DedoFull: Is the http port forwarded (server port - 1, so by default it is port 4254)? ;) Otherwise you will get the "Unable to authenticate Server" message and the server won't appear in the serverlist.

    I don't know what happened, but when I ran the Server authenticated normally, everything right and everything running normally.
    With PING excellent! :)
    Thank you for your attention! And long live the Rising World!

    @DedoFull: What authentication problem do you mean exactly? Are players unable to connect to your server (getting kicked with an authentication error), or do you refer to the "Unable to authenticate server" in the log?

    Hello Red51
    Is the server it is not signing, I own the same dedicated server hosted in the us, same configuration, the end pops up the message: INFO: Server successfully authenticated.
    And in this new server, it does not authenticate the end pops up the message: WARNING: Unable to authenticate Server!
    With that I can't create the server does not appear in the list, since the first (USA) was normal.
    On the new server, is released the doors as explained exactly the same, including squeegee until a server of TeamSpeack all normal except the server of the Rising World. :(

    Hello Guys.
    I'm new to the forum, and I created the server Rising World Brazil ... anyway ... I'm migrating this same server to a new server in Brazil, for we will be much better in the low ping.
    My question is that when the server generate the authentication problem, I would like to know what to do.
    Some steps already made:
    Open the doors as requested and 4259 4255
    The server has no antivirus, firewall only for test deactivated but the problem still continues.
    I appreciate the support, excuse my bad English (google) and long live the Rising World. :)
    follow my log.