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    :)Voice chat is were a player presses a button such as "v" or any button they want. Once they press the button they can speak through the microphone and people with headphones or sound enabled can here them. There should be an option to mute people, but you can't mute the admins of the server. When you mute someone a message pops up and say ">name> has muted you". But the players can't unmute the other person after 15 minutes. This feature should be in the game because typing for some people even gamers myself have issues with typing. With voice chat you can say what you want instantly without typing. Hope you like my idea. If your the dev please tell me what you think of this idea. :thumbup: Please share it with the dev. :thumbup:

    This is a terrible idea because this would make the game way too easy. Another reason its terrible because what if you get attacked by a hostile animal then the animal could spawn camp you,

    I don't think floating island is a good idea because Rising world is suppose to be a realism game and I think the floating island would take out the realism of the game. Now the vehicle idea sounds awesome I would love to see airplanes in the game.