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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    Unfortunately the server list is not available for the standalone yet, since the game uses the Steam master server list now. Unfortunately there is no way to query it with non-Steam clients, however, we will implement a solution that our server requests the list from Steam and forwards it to the standalone clients (which can then query the individual servers via the http ports). But I'm afraid these changes will take some days.

    If you want a Steam key btw, you can send us an email to with your username and your email address (which was used to purchase the game) ;)

    Thank you Red. I do not use steam for anything.

    You want something that's easy to setup, One click driver install (if any clicks at all). And has good video drivers as well.
    Before doing anything major, Take a look at your video card and sound card in hardware manager. Write down what you have. Then go online and search the different linux distros to see if they support your hardware. I type something like "Kubuntu geforce 530 gtx problem" and see what shows up. But that is in google.

    Next your going to be completely freaked out by the different styles of desktops that are available. Some have the task manager bar in odd positions around the screen and some are movable. It depends what feels right to you.
    I use Kubuntu because it is an Ubuntu based version of linux, With a windows style gui called KDE. with a little adjustment it operates exactly like using windows, So i don't keep reaching the wrong direction to activate things.

    So far on all of my computers I haven't had to install any special programs to make my hardware work. But in windows 10 i do have to do this.

    The video drivers that are installed in Kubuntu work perfectly for my video card, And i can run RW at about the same framerate as in windows, Maybe a little faster sometimes because i dont have a hundred background programs slowing me down.
    But these drivers are normally generic to linux, So you could get them on just about any version of linux, It's just that Ubuntu makes it super easy to install them.

    Search for a list of linux distros and see which desktop gui they use, Gnome, Kde, ect theres a ton.

    That's why i was thinking it should be done by zones, A little at a time. I don't even know if we have zones or not. Basically the sript looks at one small zone and locates every tree, Then it quickly surmises if there is room for any of them to spread to. It makes a list of all viable trees, And activates their "sapling event" in a random order, And this "Sapling event" checks to see if there is still an open space near them before it activates, So two trees don't plant too close to each other.

    And then it moves on to another zone.

    Like i said i don't know how much of a load this would put on the server, If it's too much maybe it could be run from a second computer that has the whole world loaded, And does nothing but events like this, And sends the results to the game server in small increments.

    It's a big job i know, But on some servers there just aren't many trees left.

    I know tree spawning can be done via a script because i saw the planting script. But how much cpu load would a script cause, that implements self planting trees like i suggested above. It's a huge job, But if could be done a little at a time, Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

    This was meant as an explanation to the existing videos, I am not setup for creating those. If someone wants to edit a video of their own, And use my text as an overlay, They are welcome to it. Also i am not a steam supporter, And as such i do not have access to those forums. So if anyone would like to copy this to steam for the users there, It is ok.

    I had an extremely difficult time understanding the tutorials for this, So i'm basically writing it for the english speaking crowd. And giving explicit details on every action required.
    If i have omitted anything, Please let me know and I will add it.
    I did not cover all of the possible textures that are allowed on wood beams and planks, Simply because there are hundreds of them. And you can get the id numbers for them by looking at your crafting table lists.
    If you require a video of this in action, Deirdre has several videos on these forums for you to watch.

    1. standard blocks cannot be used to create the circles, It has to be planks or beams, And you can create the special textures on those planks and beams by using the console commands. "item woodbeam 64 ID" this gives you 64 wood beams with the ID number of the texture you want. It can be stone, Metal, Wood. Keep in mind that if your playing on a multiplayer server, They may not allow you to use these commands. In which case there isn't much you can do.

    2. if your going to make an arch, Then you will require a vertical wall of blocks to begin your project on. If your building a well, Then you will need a horizontal wall of blocks to begin with.

    3. Pressing G will bring up the grid overlay on your wall of blocks. But only if you have an item in your hand that can use the grid system, Such as planks and beams, And a few other things.

    4. Pressing + and -, will resize the grid pattern, You should use the largest setting. Maybe because it lines up perfectly with the normal block sizes.

    5. Put a beam in your hand, You can then use the pg up, pg down, right, left, up, and down arrows to rotate it however you like.

    6. Hold shift, And press these same buttons to see how it resizes your beam.

    7. Once you have a beam that is long and thin, Rotate it so that it can be placed on the block wall that you created (in the center block). Make sure that your grid overlay is active before you place the first beam.

    8.Open your console with the Tilde ~ key. The default rotation is 15 degrees, But you may want a finer circle than this, And would type setr 5, And hit enter, Close your console and begin building. You can also reset this back to 15 at any time with setr 15.

    9. Right click to place the beam in the center block, Keep your mouse on that same location and rotate the beam to the next position, And right click again to place it inside the first beam, And so on until you have a circle. If your grid is not active, It will stack the beams on top of each other, And you don't want that.

    10. Every time you activate some other tool, Or food. It will turn off your grid overlay, So always remember to turn it back on.

    11. Pressing enter activates another type of building system, And will interfere with creating a circle, So don't hit enter while doing this.

    11.5 Once your circle is complete, You may then remove the original block wall from behind your circle with a pick or hammer, Depending wether or not you want to keep those blocks.

    12. Once you have completed a circle, You can attach another small beam to the ends of each spoke in your wheel, This gives you a solid location to attach wood beams or planks to later on. Trying to attach blocks to the original center beams sometimes has problems, Due to the fact that they have been placed inside of each other. So an outer ring of beams on the ends of the first beams works very well.

    13. Once the outer ring of beams are in place, You can then resize a beam or plank, Preferably to the size of a regular stone block, ( place it next to a stone block to compare sizes). And place one of these new blocks on the ends of the outer ring of beams until you have created a circle or arch.

    14. Use these same blocks to continue building any part of your project that requires building at a non standard angle. But once you are on an even level with regular blocks, You can switch to those again. And of course you can use non standard sizes for your blocks as well. And through trial and error, You can easily see how they fit in with regular blocks.

    I hope this helps you to understand the planks and beams a little better.

    I would like to see trees drop saplings when they get to a very old age. And these saplings would plant themselves depending on wether they are in a viable location or not.

    An example would be a spruce tree gets very old, And drops a random number of saplings, A sapling may slide down a hill into an area that has no nearby trees, And also is the Native biome for this type of tree. So the game would allow this sapling to plant itself. While another sapling that was ejected from the tree got hung up on a rock, And is too near other trees to allow it to plant itself. It would then lie on the ground as an object until either a player picks it up, Or it is deleted by the game.

    This wouldn't work very well on flat ground, So maybe the trees would need to eject the sapling a short distance. Possibly simulate it being blown in the wind.

    Another example would be that a player goes to the beach and brings home palm tree saplings, Which he then plants around his house.
    However, He lives in a non sandy area. So the palm trees would never be able to replicate themselves due to improper terrain. But the player would be able to pick up the fallen saplings and plant them manually. Given that he is there when they hit the ground, And they are not deleted by the server first.

    Trees should replicate according to their environment, Such as a spruce in grasslands can have a higher density of trees. Where as a spruce in frozen tundra would be a lot thinner. And a snow biome would have the least amount of trees.

    This would also be a good idea for flowers and shrubbery. Although their distances apart would need to be very big.

    On populated servers when you first spawn, There are no trees, Unless they are protected by the admins. Which is also completely useless to new players. A lot of servers line their roads with trees that are protected, And yet within the unclaimed lands there isnt a single tree. And you literally have to travel enormous distances just to find a few saplings to bring home.
    If trees could self replicate, Then all of those trees that line the roads on these servers would start sprouting saplings into the unclaimed and claimed areas alike, And would be much more realistic than it is now.

    The game screen does not overlap my taskbar in fullscreen mode. It hides behind my taskbar making it impossible to hit the lower buttons on settings.
    Also in windowed mode it will do the same thing.
    I know i can change the desktop settings to make programs overlap the taskbar, But that causes problems with other programs where i need to access the taskbar quickly.
    There is also autohide, Which still has the same problem with other programs.
    This isn't a major issue. But if you guys are playing around with that part of the game, Take a look at it. Thank you.

    Ok I found the answer. I don't install a system wide default version of java. Instead i download it to a folder and point the java .jar file to the java inside that folder where i installed java. In the past this has always worked.
    However the file by default overrides this action with the statement java -jar -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=1024m -Xmx1024m risingworld.jar, Which causes it to use the default java regardless what i associate the .jar file with.

    So by adding the path to my downloaded version of java like so, /home/eyerobot/stored/jre1.8.0_65/bin/java -jar -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=1024m -Xmx1024m risingworld.jar. I can cause it to use the java that i prefer rather than iced tea, Which was causing all of these problems in the first place.

    Yes i know i need to install oracles java system wide. But I really don't want to. I've had a lot of problems doing that in the past.
    Anyway if your a java downloader like me, Try this.

    In Kubuntu Linux versions 14 and 15.10 My game crashes when i click open for lan, Or in multiplayer if i connect to another server using connect or connect with IP.
    All drivers are the latest. Firewall on or off makes no difference.
    Also this is the non steam version of the game fully updated.
    These are the error logs.