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    Sorry for this double post but had to add two more things.

    First: another crash ^^

    Second: Yesterday AMD offered new graphic drivers and I updated those. The first time I play since then was now. So MAYBE there could be a problem too.

    In the most part this is probably related to Game Crashing Upon Starting
    So if you are not interest in further information as this has been answered before close this window now ;)

    First of all the error log:,16682792/hs_err_pid6192.log/

    You will notice that this log is quite larger than usual logs.
    At the bottom you can see that I started RW with different Java parameters.

    The story behind was that I noticed that after a while of exploring the world the game became laggy, so every few seconds it stopped reacting for about half to one second. My first thought was RAM and CG. So I started testing the game with other GCs and more memory. The G1GC in combination with the MaxGCPauseMillis parameter turned out to delay the "becoming-laggy" behavior a while but then the memory still runs full. Anyways before this happens I notice some mini-freezes which may be those 50ms for garbage collection.
    With increasing the total amount of memory for the game I can play quite a while without having to rejoin to clear the memory.

    What I else noticed was after testing this was that the frame rate decreases with the amount of exploring I did within one session. It seems like that the game keeps most parts of the world I visited in memory and tries to keep up calculating stuff there. In the debug console I saw that when I disconnected after such a situation it unloaded quite a lot of junk before closing the connection at all.

    To be honest I am not really sure if this makes sense at all. What I can say is that it turned out to work well for me at least.

    Thanks for reading.

    Bin mir nicht sicher, ob etwas vergleichbares schon vorgeschlagen wurde (würde mich fast wundern wenn nicht), allerdings habe ich über die Suche nichts passendes gefunden.

    Um das ganze zu veranschaulichen hab ich zwei Bilder angehängt, einmal die aktuelle Ansicht (vorher.jpg) und meine Ansicht (nachher.jpg). Bitte nicht lachen, wurde mit Paint nachbearbeitet.

    Hintergrund ist, dass es unter Umständen nervig sein kann größere Mengen eines bestimmten Materials herzustellen. Gerade für größere Festungen werden abertausende Block eines bestimmten Materials benötigt.

    Daher soll neben der freien Eingabemöglichkeit (ANZAHL) noch zwei Buttons dazu kommen:

    • Der eine soll (soweit genug Material im Inventar zur Verfügung steht) einen ganzen Stack z.B. Stein in einen Block umgewandelt werden.
    • Der andere soll alles Material, z.b. Stein, im Inventar (ich hatte 45 Stein im Inventar) umwandeln. Bei 20 Stacks wären das dann 1280 Einheiten auf einen Schlag.

    Danke fürs lesen.


    PS: An das Team. Was ist euch eigentlich lieber? Deutsch oder Englisch im Forum? Bin es eher gewohnt online in Englisch unterwegs zu sein ;)