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The world update is now finally available for the new version!

    Hey Builders and Survivalists! As fall approaches I can once again take advantage of a more laid back schedule. This summer was crazy busy and it took me by surprise! But now, my recording schedule is back to normal and expect videos on a regular basis. Thanks everyone for hanging out and watching :)

    The series took on a tutorial style because we've been doing so much building. I'm starting to detail the cabin, but I'm asking for help! I need some ideas. Below are the latest videos in my series. I hope you enjoy, and learn a ton!

    Episode 10

    Episode 11

    Episode 12

    Wow! That's great. I'm going to have to get myself organized and get this info worked into my tutorials! I've decided to update My BP video as well. I'm much more familiar with this stuff now. Thank you for all the commands, this will come in very handy. I'll post a link to the info page I make.

    Episode 9 is now up n' running!

    We start the construction of the new roof using the Beams & Planks Construction System quite a bit. Learn some cool console commands for really detailed placement of items!

    Hope you learn some stuff! Happy Building :)

    Thanks for the videos! It is true: one always learns something new!

    About "oceans", you may find some useful info in this post (by me, shameless plug... :evil: )

    That's a ton of great info! Thanks for the shameless plug :) After all, this thread is a big shameless plug for me!

    I have a question. I used the seed 'ocean' for the world in the series. I had requests for the seed #, but it technically doesn't have one. I viewer of the series used the same seed and said the world was different than mine. When I created a brand new world with ocean seed, I got an identical world. Do you think the viewer made a mistake, or does it generate an identical world every time using lake or ocean? I also heard that it's case sensitive with capitalization.

    Any insight on this?

    Episode 8 Hot off the CPU! Let's take a break from building for an episode and we'll just say we like the progress on the cabin!

    Today we explore the world, specifically for resources but I would also love to find an ocean!! Come join me and see what we find.... I think we may have affected a cow in a negative way. Livestock is so sensitive.

    Season 2: Survival From Day One

    Everything I've learned in the series is strictly from viewers comments, so please, keep them coming. I really am relying on you to help me out!!

    This series is basically an extremely detailed Let's Play with building tutorials tossed in intermittently! It should have plenty for those of you new to the game, and for the veterans clocking in the hours, you might just learn something as well!

    Episode 12 - Detailing the cabin with Doors and Steps...

    Season 2 - Episode 1

    Above are the Latest and First episodes - Click the link to the entire playlist, I don't want to fill this whole thread up with vids!! CLICK HERE FOR THE PLAYLIST

    I would like to show what posters mean to me in Rising World.
    This screen was taken before biomeupdate.
    Posters are a big important part of Rising World. I don't want to pass up. I love posters. :D

    I'm the same way, I use a LOT of posters to help with the detailing!

    I think Arcane was trying to help me out, he's on my server. However, I already know all of what he asked about.
    The thing I'm having the issue with currently, when I do change the limit number, it always stays at 10 in-game. (When checking permissions from the ESC menu in-game). In all 4 of my groups the limit is set much higher than 10.
    I'm going to set all poster permissions to 100 and just see what happens! Mostly, I needed to be sure a lot of posters isn't too intensive on a server, sounds like I don't need to worry much.

    Thank you for all your help! When I tried searching past threads, the only one that could have helped was in German!

    I'm running a server that is filled with nothing but creative builders! This is a good thing, so don't get me wrong :)

    We all use posters a TON! It seems whenever I change my default limit from 10 to 20, it defaults back to 10. I look in my group permissions file and it's set for 20, log-on to the game, check permissions from the ESC menu, I am allowed 10.
    On occasion I'll place a poster that nobody can see, except for myself. Is this a poster limit issue?

    My question is this;

    What determines the limit? Is it how many posters you have active in the world, or is it by amount of files you have uploaded? Maybe neither!
    Is there an actual in-game limit of posters per player, regardless of permissions, or is it completely up to the server owner?
    I'd like to give the max amount to my trusted builder group, but without a possible performance dip in the server. If it even affects performance. Not sure on that either!

    So really I was just wondering about all aspects of posters I guess!
    Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help :)

    Hi Vortac, great videos! Very much an inspiration.
    zfoxfire mentioned that you were looking for a small server to build on. I have one that is currently private, but as soon as the whitelist issue is updated, it will be an invite-only, mostly viewers of my RW series. If you are interested, you have a standing invite to our server, it has all creative permissions enabled, which is why it's private. Basically for people that just love to build! They are all incredibly talented as well, tons of fresh ideas to see!

    Thanks for all the great videos! If you're interested, I'll give you the info.

    Actually there seems to be an issue with the latest server version concerning the whitelisting feature =O I'm sorry about that, I will upload a fixed version shortly!

    Thank you very much Red! I'm good with waiting for a fix, I was just hoping I wasn't overlooking something simple!

    Again, Thanks :)

    I read that part of the update was whitelist support, I figured it would be a quick addition to the server. However, I cannot get it to work properly.
    Here's what I did:

    1. Created a text file with usernames. Each name on its own line.
    2. Uploaded it into my Rising World Server folder. The name of the file is whitelist.txt
    3. Changed whitelist to True in permissions
    4: Removed original password to server.
    5. Restarted server.
    6. Logged in, got message "You were kicked from server. You are not whitelisted for this server" or something close to that.

    See anything I did wrong? I'm on a Nitrado server
    Any help would be much appreciated, as always!!

    Yes, just click on "More Options" at the bottom, then "Attachments", there you can upload the file(s) ;)

    Awesome. If the issue isn't fixed by the time I get back home, I'll get you the file. I have one more question if you don't mind! With the new Whitelist feature, do I just set to True in properties, then add a file called 'whitelist' with the usernames?
    Thanks again for being such a great help all the time!!!

    Thanks for your feedback

    First we need to get our new playermodels ready^^ They will serve as a foundation for all further human enemies or NPCs.


    Hmm... unfortunately this is an error message by Nitrado, so I can't tell you what's going on there exactly Is there eventually a recent log file in the "Logs" folder (in the server directory)?

    Thanks for such a quick reply, one of the reasons I love this game! I figured the issue was probably on Nitrado's side. I have two log folders, one empty and another with the last file being generated last night. Can I get you the uploaded log file somehow?