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    Hey guys, I gotta say this game is amazing. The randomly generated terrain is beautiful already, and I'm sure jiw games will make it even better in the future. But, I have a couple suggestions that I personally think would make this game attractive to many people.

    1: advertising. LOADS of people would be trying this game out if they knew about it. And I'm sure that on indiedb alone many people have clicked on it. But the one thing that people dont want to risk is $15. If there is one thing people aren't lenient with its money. I suggest maybe somehow releasing a free version of the game? I know the money helps a lot, but this game would have plenty of youtube videos and downloads if it was free during the alpha stage. I feel I've definitely got my money's worth, but many wouldn't risk it.

    2: Have you guys ever thought of adding a little horror aspect to it? The first time I entered a cave with a torch I was really hoping you guys hadn't added any hostile mobs, because it would have scared the heck out of me! But all in all, this would be a great horror game: no planned jumpscares, monsters jumping out when you least expect it, everything is random. Wouldn't be any other horror game like it. And horror games are kind of trendy right now. It would add an extra spark to an already innovative game in my opinion.

    Ran the game within the zip... Waited for the update to finish, then closed it, then allowed winrar to put the modified archives into whatever folders, now it works. Thanks for the speedy replies though!

    and if you dont mind me asking really quick, is there anyway to place torches or any type of light source yet?

    Ah, yeah sorry didnt make that clear enough. There is an update available, and i have to download it each time I start the game. I'm using the x86 windows OS. I'm not sure how to check if all game files are in the same place.

    edit: Ok, i think I solved the problem. Didnt have winrar open while I was downloading the update. There is now a new folder named "core" in winrar. Im going to start it up and see what happens

    edit 2: Ok I still have to re-download the update. Winrar is saying "some files extracted from were modified or new files were created. Do you wish to put them to the archive?" which is a message i usually ignore, but I'll try to add them to the archive