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    I had been playing this but I keep getting Connection Timeout! when I try to join your server. It says that one player is on, but I don't know how they got on because I've been unable to get into the game for several days now. Always the same, stops loading at 5%. I have no problem getting onto any of the other servers that I play...

    Somehow the auction house is faulty :( - tried to sell 150 yarns yesterday and another 100 today: both stacks have disappeared from the inventory, but don't appear in the list and I didn't get an email either :(

    Am having similar problems.... putting stuff up for sale only to see it disappear. It's a shame, as it's a good idea.... hope it gets sorted.... for now, won't be using it.

    there was indeed an error that was stopping it from sending the mail. give me a bit to to look threw the logs so i can return everything. so sorry about that!

    OK thanks, I thought that's what should happen :) Really like the system, good way to make some coin and get rid of items that I have too many of...

    How exactly does the Auction House work? I was sure that I bid on at least one item, and it showed it as my having bid.... but now its disappeared and I haven't received anything? I checked my mail a few times, but have no messages...

    Also if you put items for sale in the Auction House, do you get them back if they don't sell? Or do they just vanish (sure that has happened to me)?

    Great idea though, love it...

    Brilliant thank you, both for the added coins and about the protection - there's been no-one on at the same time as me, so I wasn't sure :) Hope to play again soon.

    Hi (sorry messed up original post!).

    I've been enjoying the server, although it took me a while to work everything out - but the help in chat is very useful. I like the wisp now that I understand a bit more what it does, and how it works. Also that you can buy areas - my only issue with that is, it seems a bit pricey after buying the first 2 plots. As I'm a builder, rather than a miner, it may take me a long time to get enough coins for the next area.

    One thing - how much protection do the areas give? I've been locking doors and planting behind walls as I wasn't sure? (I don't have Discord).

    Good looking server though, am looking forward to seeing how the app develops...

    Definitely agree with both of these.... for me, also add holly, roses, various herbs (some are really pretty and could be useful in cooking - mint, thyme, rosemary, sage eg), horse chestnut trees, cherry trees (that blossom in spring), yew trees, lime trees - I know, the list is endless but would love more variety too....

    Thanks - I know this isn't urgent, but at some point in the future it would be wonderful to have some more bushes, trees and flowers :)

    Hope all goes well for you today, Red - taking care of what is needful for you is the most important thing for your own wellbeing, and that of those close to you.

    But thank you for keeping us all informed of your progress and for the info re the update - very much appreciated. :)

    Ooh thank you - soooo looking forward to that update :)

    And thanks Red51 for all your hard work, very much appreciated... yours has been my favourite game ever since I bought it, soon after initial release on Steam... hope you start making money again very soon.... *hugs*