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    Hi I have also just logged into it ok, but as far as I can see it's still the "test island" that Red released ages ago, so that would be down to the server owner who I'm guessing is no longer around to update it.

    Ah ok, many thanks.... I won't bother trying it again then :)

    Obviously built something on it originally, and whatever it is, no longer 'fits'! :)

    Hmmm - It says 'player corrupted data' so must have been something I built months ago....although I don't recall playing on it.

    Anyone know how to contact the admin please? Thanks.

    PS my friend LyanDreth gets the same message - apparently she last played it 282 days ago...

    Noticed this server on Unity, but when I try to connect it says something along the lines of buildings corrupt??? Contact Admin...

    So if the admin is reading this, can they check it out please?

    Thank you.

    Welcome! Glad you're enjoying it. We'll be planning out some more towns with portals and roads/infrastructure so its easier to get around as the new Unity version develops more. The long-term hope is to have a player-run economy, more events and group builds, and other things to activate the server more as RW becomes more popular.

    I noticed some of the roads yesterday when I was on, looking really good - keep up the great work :) And thanks for such a lovely server :)

    the problem with the areas are that WP is set up for the chunks the game has.if the land is at an elevation that has the ground lvl at the top of the chunk you will need to have a second area to cover it. yahgiggle did it this way so that no areas can overlap. The only areas that will overlap are with the default area protection and that is only around the edges of the admin area, as it is called rt now, and the permissions from the admin area will override the permissions from WP in the overlapping areas.

    Yes I understand that, but if you can't see the game chunks (I can't), then there is no way to know where the area will be when you claim.... so, it would be nice if you could see a preview of it before claiming...

    Soon the admin will be able to give points to players, this will solve this exact problem, I'll do the code for that next, I have another update that I'm almost finished, this gives players the ability to unlock there areas or just the opening of doors or cheasts, well the update already works but I need to do some finishing touches, but I'm tired so I'm off to bed lol, you will need to wait till tomorrow 😜

    Brilliant!!! Thanks for all your hard work :)

    Oh, and is there a way to preview the claim before placing? Just so that you don't end up, like me, with a claim only a couple of blocks above ground but the rest below where you are standing? So that to build a home you need two claims in the same place!!!


    Just to say, that I'm on Red Baron's server and have a large area, already built on. He put it into Admin, but removed that when I asked him to so that I can now claim and name my area. Which I've been doing successfully.

    However, this is a big area (as many players areas are on his servers) and so far I've only been able to make 6 claims, which only cover one full house, part of another house and a farm plot. With the points going up each time (think its now 120 to the next claim) this is going to take a very long time.

    Is there a way to allow the Admin on such servers to change the number of points accumulated by existing players so that they can claim their already built areas more quickly? A big ask, and I suspect the answer is no, but think this needs looking at.

    Thank you.

    Hi, I'm building on the Elysium server on Unity, but haven't seen an Admin, and the only link I have for the server is broken?

    ( Possibly as this was the Java version?

    As my first house near the spawn was partly destroyed, I've moved further away, and am trying again but would like my home protected. Can anyone help please?

    Thank you.

    Yes, I have also noticed this. Not a problem on my solo games as I can go into creative mode. But on servers that do not let me have creative mode, this is an issue as I cannot rake a beach to level it up, or get rid of water on a farm plot etc. Also I find that trying to rake gravel can be difficult as it doesn't always seem to do what I expect (eg goes down rather than up).

    I love forests and woodlands....and agree that RW needs more variation. I would love to see more woodland trees, with, for example, oak, ash, elm, hawthorn, beech, hazel and chestnut trees - which could also introduce nuts into the game.

    Being from the UK, I'd also like to see chalk cliffs and downs with rolling hills, plus places like the New Forest too. Perhaps in the future, they could be added, either by Red51 or by an enthusiastic modder :)