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    What exactly do you mean? Like instead of just having a normal arrow with a crossbow, also make enhancements like a flame arrow or exploding arrow?

    I should clarify, I meant weapon types as opposed to just those two weapons. Things like bolt action rifles or perhaps some form of a repeating crossbow, that type of thing.

    Both bows and muskets are going to be fun to use for me. I'd love to go stalk a moose through a winter forest with a musket!

    I'm also looking forward to seeing how JIW Games expands on these two weapons, if they do.

    Yeah I've been hunting and stocking up on items as well. Just finished a frontier base in the desert, well away from my mountain forest hut. Hopefully saves are still compatible between the updates.

    Along with the clothes, I'm really looking forward to the musket and bow. Having ranged weapons is going to be really useful for the future I'll bet.

    I hope so too! I'm just very excited for the new update, but I also understand how taking the time to fix and change things is essential for the update process, makes the final result sweeter too!

    Yeah, I'm pretty stoked too. I keep checking back to see if there's maybe a new screenshot or something! I can't wait to try out the new bow and musket, and see what clothes are available.

    This is actually a pretty interesting idea, I like it. Hopefully in the future there'll be some mods that adjust or change the way hydration and hunger work to a more caloric or liquid intake value. Plus, I imagine in the future that this will be an even more fun play-style. Having to watch out for roving packs of wolves and bandits who want to take your food, or stumbling across a small village with a trading post so you can trade your potatoes for some better tools or a musket.

    So yeah, I like what you're doing!

    On the topic of radios (And tying in slightly to my other topic about ruins) perhaps you could create different radios that played different sounds. So for example, you go into a high-tech underground bunker and hear something creating really spooky noises. You enter a room and find out the radio's on somewhere and is picking up a mysterious, scary signal.

    Or alternatively you could enter an Inn or a bar with NPCs and the radio could be blasting out rock music or something.

    I keep having ideas for various kinds of ruins in this game, and messing around in creative and exploring a winter forest just gave me a ton of ideas.

    For example, what about ruins of increasing tech and rarity? Obviously it could be a setting perhaps, but I was thinking of the medieval ruins being more common than the modern ones. Things like underground complexes or topside research stations or gas stations being overgrown and looking as if they've been left there for a very long time. They could also have good but rare loot, for example a gas station could have old tinned foods and drinks that have survived, or a topside research station could have some modern medicines worth a lot. It would also be nice to have to power some of them up when electricity comes out, or else you'll have to creep through an underground complex with your flashlight out, and who knows what's down there with you?

    Those are just my ideas, if anyone else has any comment and share, I'd love to read them!

    This actually opens up an interesting discussion for what loot could exist in certain structures. Say you come across an old or destroyed cabin, perhaps you could find mouldy bread or fruit (if spoilage is to be a thing, otherwise maybe it could be its own item?) or if you come across an old castle or a ruined fort, you'd find various armour and weapons depending on what time-period the structure would be from.

    Yeah, player models, new animations, new survival content is all what I'm looking forward to short term. For long term it would definitely be view distance, especially if we'll be able to see buildings in the distance as well. Imagine climbing a mountain and spotting a ruined town way off in the distance, or a herd of deer or something.

    A timepiece? Was it the Golden Compass by any chance, or something else? I know the Golden Compass had a lot of airships in it.

    I think sandbox will always be a given seeing as how it's (at the moment) the primary focus of the game, so I don't think it'll ever be removed or changed too drastically from what it is.

    Yeah, I can understand that. Still, having airships to travel long distances would be sweet especially when more dangers are in the game.

    Yeah, I can see both sides of the argument for and against it. To be honest, if a dev is adamant about getting their game on Steam, then they'll end up using Kickstarter or another crowd funding project to get funds for their game if they can't get it themselves. What I think the pricing system might do, at least initially, is make a few devs think twice before they apply for this new system. Whether or not this will be a good or a bad thing we'll have to wait and see.

    But I do agree that there'll be a few genuine developers that will be frightened away by this system for sure.

    I've been working on a couple of things for Rising World, mainly testing out some ideas for a possible map or, hopefully, something I could add into random gen with a mod. Here's a few pictures of the modular underground research facility and a hydroelectric dam, though it's pretty small. The research facility is only one main hall and a couple of offices at the moment but I'll finish it eventually.

    The first three images are the research facility, the rest is the hydro dam. The hydro dam itself is inspired a bit by the big hydro dam in a game called Inherit the Earth, although I couldn't get this one looking sci-fi enough.

    I love Atrium Carceri's music, I used to listen to it whilst playing ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead when I was working on a post-apocalyptic map set in the twilight hours in winter time. Nothing creepier than walking up a hill in Takistan with Delta Force guys only to see headlights pointing down on you and reflexively pressing Z to go prone.

    On the topic of ambient music, there' a game called Eidolon that has some fantastic pieces not so much scary as just weird, at first listen. I honestly can't explain it without spoiling the game but it's just incredible to me. Every track fits its respective zone's feel, the stories within that zone and the sights you see whilst you're there. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to the full album on YouTube, but there is the artist's Bandcamp here: but don't let the measly sixteen track list fool you, there's about 97 tracks in total on the full album, it's just that Bandcamp wasn't letting them put the whole thing up.

    I can't wait to hear more from you, waveshapr, Rising World's music sounds good and fits the game quite well.