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From now on, we will use this info box to inform you about noteable updates on our Trello-Roadmap!

Trello update: We've recently implemented grass and now finalized the occlusion renderer to prevent grass from passing through objects. In addition to that, snowfall now also affects meadows


    I was wondering if there are plans for increasing the Render Distance of the grass and for the View Distance of the world?

    Also, would it be possible to add an option to enable/disable the distance fog?

    I been away for a while, but the games looking great. Keep up the great work! :)

    Looks really great! I love being able to put the meat on the grill and just pick it up from there without a menu.
    I do have a few questions though:

    -Will there be tooltips for when you're hovering the cursor over items: like when picking up meat from the grill? (and other things like watermelons/flowers/pumpkins, I know it's usually pretty obvious, but might be nice)
    -I noticed that the grill/smoker/bbq all require iron to make (which make sense). I was wondering if there might be some sort of 'lower tech' versions to fit with a more primitive/medieval theme?
    -Are there plans to make some sort of 'drying rack' (or maybe using sticks to cook meat over a fire?) for the time before you have iron?
    I think this is one of my favorite updates (the apples look AMAZING) and I'm really excited for future updates! Keep up the great work!

    The 'last bed slept in' is a time honored video game save point reference :P but you are definitely right, set yourself apart JIW you are worth that!

    I vote on a constructed resurrection slab that can be improved in future updates with ore/animal sacrifices etc for respawns.

    But what I want most now? Water! I have been excited about the gravity affected water from announcement.

    Water is definitely high on my list!

    Hmm,maybe having a few options for the beginning would be good. That way, no mater what (future)biome you spawn in you'll be able to progress towards basic tech.

    No wood picks please, the idea has always been completely silly. I preferred the idea of forging and panning for starting metals before you can actually start mining with a real pick. A shovel and a sieve should be the first tools you have to work to find bits of ore to scrape up enough together to make your self a pick. I am not saying it has to be grindy or tedious, just enough so that when you actually have a pick finding a vein and mining that is more lucrative.

    I like the idea of making a basic sieve from sticks (gathered by hand from bushes?) to then pan river/lake/pond beds (sift sand in deserts?) to find flint to make a basic pick(and ax and shovel) to then be able to mine stone to build a forge.

    In the process of sieving/sifting you would also find iron flakes. Then you would use the forge to create your first iron tools, allowing you to mine low level ores.

    Once you have your first iron pick, you wouldn't need to sieve/sift anymore(unless you die) as you would have access to iron ore.

    Feels like a nice progression for the beginning of the game. :)

    Yeah, I was thinking maybe using the sledgehammer to break off the crystals.(they could be placed as decorations or refined?)
    They would refine to a bit more ore than regular ore as they're 'purer'.

    I was thinking how cool it would be to have different types of ore spawns for the same mineral type.

    What I mean is that you would find pockets of iron(as an example) in stone, but also be able to find crystal forms of iron growing in caves.
    This could happen if an ore spawn generated partially in a cave.

    I know crystals have already been suggested, I just thought I'd add an idea for some crystals other than the usual gems. (Though those would be awesome too.)


    Partly it's random ;) Always difficult to say, and we don't want to make promises: We don't like it to announce a feature, then we find out that the implementation causes more problem than thought, so it takes longer until the feature is ready, and we have to delay the update ^^
    But the next "bigger" topics we are working on is more animals, monsters, ores and dungeons


    You mean those quickslots, visible when using the mousewheel?

    I just made a post about this specific thing(before I saw this, woops)
    It would be nice if the item quantity numbers on the mousewheel hotbar were lighter/darker depending on the context, as they can be hard to read.

    All stackable items show a small number indicating how many you currently have.
    The colour is fine for in-inventory reading(dark text on light background), however it's rather hard to see when you are holding the item in your hand. Specifically when you are in a dark area, it is very hard to read.

    Would it be possible to have the 'quantity number' be lighter(when it's being held in your hand), or maybe be 'inverted' depending on the colours behind it?
    (I'm sure the second option is a lot more complicated that I realize, so my apologies)

    I was also wondering if the numbers in chests/etc. could be faded a bit, so as not to distract from the item 'quantity numbers'?

    I realize this is a bit more nit-picky than I'd like. I'm sure there are many things you're working on right now. This is just something I've been thinking about recently. Thanks for all the hard work. :)

    The number of saplings you get is really random, between 0 and 2 sapling per tree. If we should change the counts (or regrow times), we are all ears ;)

    This approach (saplings spawning when tree is chopped into pieces) was easier than letting them automatically regrow at the stump. Perhaps we change that in the future, but for the beginning, we will stick to that :)

    I found that I was only getting about one sapling per two trees, but I may have been unlucky.
    However, I also noticed that if I chop down a tree on a slope, part of it may come to rest sticking "into" the ground. I'm fairly sure I lost some saplings this way, as they generate under the ground and fall out of the world. (Stumps growing in steep slopes also often drop their log out of the world like this when cut, I find.)

    I also find it a bit difficult to locate the saplings in the tall grass because they lay flat. Perhaps if they were 'round'/stuck out more at this point they would be easier to find?

    I think the saplings and later stages of development look great. Thanks!

    I'm a big fan of these objects, as they make both mining and building very interesting/easier. I do have a suggestion on how to improve them however:

    Give them a short 'placement time' similar to torches/etc. I find that when I place them, if I hold the button a split-second too long, it often places another on top of the first.

    As there is no way to retrieve them(currently) It leads to some wasted resources/incorrectly placed objects.