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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    If you have an Nvidia graphics card then GeForce Experience works well for game capture. For editing I highly recommend Davinci Resolve. It is free, but one of the most powerful editing/compositing suites available. It works for everything from simply splicing a few clips together to professional level vfx. For audio I would recommend either Waveform free or Cakewalk. Both of these come with plenty of audio processing and multiple tracks and allow for non destructive editing.

    I might resurrect the series where I was building a replica of my old home. But before doing any major builds I kind of want blueprints. Sure I can make every fence post, door frame and lamp individually and then paint 1000 items... but I am a lazy git! As for live commentary when building. I tried that and was fumbling words so bad I decided to stick with scripted stuff. :drunk:

    Hello folks. It took me a while due to being busy but I finally got around to finishing my review of the latest update. What else can I say other than I am delighted with how versatile the tools are!

    I made the tiles with hollow half cylinders, layered on top of each other. the lower ones are 1 block wide and 0.5 blocks high and turned upside down. Then the ridges are 0.5 x 0.5 blocks. I built the main support structure with blocks stretched to beams and ramps/right angled triangles for the corners. The curved top of the Torii gate is 3 hollow half cylinders stretched out and then rotated 5 degrees from each other. Making these kinds of roofs is a lot easier now with how snapping works plus the new block shapes.

    Well hello again. I do apologise for making even more threads, but I figured I needed a new one for this. I present the first in a series of videos where I attempt to recreate the place where I grew up in the 80's and 90's. I am hoping for one episode per week give or take a few days. I cannot say exactly how many episodes it will be just yet as I haven't reached the stage where I do all the furniture and interior fittings, and that's the part that takes the longest! Most likely five at minimum. I am hoping that as the build evolves, so too does my presentation style. There's still so much I need to learn when it comes to effects and titles and the plan is to try and master a new technique each time.

    Am not sure if it's related but I was building earlier today in the new version and was not trying to take a screenshot. I have screenshot bound to print screen as I use f12 to trigger my game capture. However as I was resizing/placing objects, pretty much every time I hit shift/control/arrow keys/other random keys it would take a picture.

    Not to sure how feasible or even if we could resize blocks with the use of a mouse? at the moment we resize planks n beams using a combiation of arrow keys with CTRL / Shift ect ect, how possible would it be to have highlighted points (say on each corner) that we can click and drag with the mouse to the size that we need and rotate instead of using the keyboard?

    I have always loved the idea of a transform widget like you might get in a game engine or The Sims. Default is the x,y,z handles for placement, but then ctrl turns it into a rotate widget and shift gives you the scale handles. Something like that would be absolutely amazing for doing small random rotations rather than having to keep going into the console and setting the rotation amount from 1 degree to 5 or 15 and back. Could even have it so as there's a snap toggle, which responds to the "setr" command if you want precise rotation or switched off to be totally free rotation.

    I think it works in both modes, but I am usually in creative. Basically it only works on placeable objects, so you can't paint any of the walls or the cabin where you spawn in. To change colour you right click, to paint you left click and you have to be super close to the thing you wish to paint. Sometimes if objects are very close together it may get confused and paint the one underneath/behind it. Also due to the way it gradually applies sometimes the first dabs are hard to see.

    I have been playing around in the demo using various items as blocks/planks and I have noticed at times an item will just randomly break. It happened to some of the Toro lanterns that I was using as bricks while I was painting the terrain around the area. It also has happened to a number of the mining lanterns and wooden benches. Usually I am just placing/removing other items nearby when it happens. It's as though there's an invisible gnome wandering around with a giant invisible hammer. The mining lamps seem to be the biggest victim of this issue. I place them inside the toro lamps so as they light up, and often when I come back to where I was working the lamp will magically shatter as I approach.

    The Pub looks very good. ^^ I know the problem with so many parts. I've built a library with about 450k parts and a very big Medieval city with house and facility inside them.

    Holy Moly that's a lot of items! Was wondering if you have encountered an upper limit to blueprint functionality? Naturally I plan to upload more buildings as I make them but don't want to upload anything that is broken/causes PC's to explode! The rotate bug was the reason I didn't add any more details and uploaded as is... I wanted to furnish all of downstairs and the cellar too.

    Thank you, am glad you liked :) I hope it worked okay on your machine and apologies for any mismatched boards. Seems they sometimes like to jump around when layered super thin.

    Hi folks, well it's finished and ready. I did not decorate upstairs and left a couple of rooms downstairs unfurnished. Sorry about that but I kinda want to start on a new project! However I am not sure if it's a bug just on my PC or if there's an issue in general with large blueprints... Basically it works perfectly if not rotated. Whenever I tried to rotate some parts would be flipped/misaligned. I tried with and without terrain saved into the BP.

    :!:This is a resource heavy building with over 40k constructions and 20k blocks. Please test in an empty world to be sure it works and nothing explodes before placing it into your "real" world:!:

    I hope y'all like it :party: