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    Thank you, am glad you like them!


    Also adding a couple of loud speakers. These things are pretty large and more suited for PA than a bedroom/lounge. Bass bins have 2 variants, one with a mesh grille over the cones. More will be made as and when I get around to it. I have the attention span of a squirrel at times.

    A few items from my current build. Eventually will upload the whole pub but for now here's some glasses, beer pumps, bottles, a bar stool and an arcade machine. You can use console commands to change bottle textures as I kept the amount of items used to a minimum (tiles and the hazard bands textures work nicely for labels).



    This is a simple modular kit to quickly build Japanese style rooms. Has half blocks underneath the floor to allow for easy snapping together of elements. So far is only 1 screen variant as it was just made as a test but no doubt there will be more dividers. Is split into wall holders with 2 grooves, inner and outer screens and corner posts. Everything is 2 blocks wide, mats are 2x4 blocks.


    A building I cobbled together when trying out a few combinations of textures and curves. I mostly used standard Rising World textures for this one save for some custom wood. The building is not fully finished as in there still needs a couple of windowframes and some detail work upstairs, but I fear that if I add much more detail the blueprint will bug out. It seems to work fine so far in my blank test world although from 4 copies, one did have a few pieces missing from the dome. I would strongly suggest trying this in a blank world as it is a LOT of pieces to remove if something does go wrong with placement. There are quite a few features in here that can be blueprinted, feel free to do so :)


    Here's a little walkthrough of the world I have been building. Lots of rough edges still as for now I am mostly experimenting to see what kinds of shapes/angles I can build.

    Eventually I wish to create a full town, I just hope my computer can handle however many millions of planks I may end up placing...

    Yes please! There's nothing quite like placing a several hundred plank blueprint only to realise that you are a couple of ticks out with placement, or accidentally placing a giant wad of blocks when you meant to use the terrain tool...

    These are amazing creations! Have you modded the game at all to be able to manipulate pieces so finely to create these curves and tiny pieces? I've been trying to see what I can learn to create and can't seem to replicate such beautiful results

    For curves I spin out beams at their thinnest setting from the centre of where I need the curve so as the beams are aligned with the inner edge of the wall in a circle. Then it's a case of blueprinting the curves and then twisting them around to create other shapes. It's a good idea to have a circle template blueprinted using 5 and 10 degree increments. Then you can slap down a template where you need it and snap additional beams into place so as to get the correct radius (for huge curves you may need to go as small as 1 degree). I use no mods other than a few custom textures I knocked up in Photoshop although I play in creative mode. There are a couple of tutorial videos explaining how to make curves. If I get time over the next couple of days I will put one together myself to show how I make spheres, swirls and arches. Console commands are essential however, so as to set how fine you want rotation/movement.

    Wait, what? "decals are not included in blueprints"? Really? So if I put posters all over my manor house and then blue print it, the house will transfer over, but none of the decorations will?Yikes! If that's the case, then that does completely change my plans of how and when I was going to move it to a new world. :?:

    And I love your lamp post! I may be "borrowing" that one. <3

    Sadly not, blueprints only copy blocks, beams/planks/logs/triangles and items such as doors/lamps/furniture. I hope one day the ability to include pictures into blueprints will be allowed. Feel free to use the lamppost as often as you like :) - decals for gas pumps

    I don't think hunting animals with an assault rifle is a thing....unless you just want to kill animals which imo is not hunting. Imagine shooting a rabbit with a weapon shooting 200rounds/minute, assuming you hit it there won't be anything left to recover from it.

    on your question now, I believe the devs have already been asked at some earlier point about modern day weapons and from what I recall the answer was they didn't intend to. They intended to add only bows, crossbows, then I think a flintlock was mentioned at some point as well as cannons (not for hunting). So basically more primitive weapons.

    Not to be pedantic, but most "assault rifles" can be switched between single shot, 3 round burst and full auto.

    That works in some situations, but for instance it would be nice to suspend a small green emitter in front of my terminal screen so as it has a bit of a glow (terminal is too small to fit a green light inside).

    That would be pretty sweet, and possibly also some invisible light emitters of varying colours/strength that can be suspended in midair or hidden inside constructed objects to give lighting highlights/layered to create psychedelic patterns. Not sure how such a thing would work however, given that it would need to be visible at first to be placed, and then also be made visible again should you wish to move/destroy it.

    Seems to be some strange stuff happening when I try to post. Will try again. I was wondering, I can edit and replace existing textures easily enough, but is it possible to add more textures on top of what is already there?

    A gas pump made for my abandoned gas station. Decals sadly are not included with blueprints, but I might upload some to go with the pumps to imgur. Only the pump is included so far, but I will likely include the whole site once it's finished as a blueprint. Please note, I am using a custom texture on the hose which is replacing one of the blank textures, hopefully it will still show as black.


    If I have a large complex model that is made up of several different objects (for instance a building or vehicle) would I have to fit all texture info into the one UV map? Usually I just make stuff for rendering purposes, and in those cases one can end up using several UV maps to get in every single detail.

    If there's one thing I would absolutely LOVE to see it's a 3d transform/rotate widget when items are frozen in place, and being able to rotate when boards are frozen. Perhaps also being able to select and tweak once something has been placed if you see it's off by a couple of notches. Maybe this wouldn't work for survival mode due to immersion breaking, but in create mode it would be a godsend. Also to be able to rotate/scale/free position props like toilets, doors, furniture etc at any angle so as to be able to give things a "vandalised" appearance. For instance having a sink hanging off the wall as though it has been half torn off, or tipping over a bookcase or sinking multiple copies of an item into the floor at weird angles to give the illusion of a pot being broken etc.

    Have to agree here. Bought it recently upon getting the news that Landmark is being shut down and searching for a replacement. I just wish I had found this sooner as making stuff with planks and boards is so much more user friendly than "micro voxels" and the associated irritation of seeing something nice become a mutated blob upon rotation. Have not built much yet, partly because I don't know what kind of structure I want to make first, partly because I am trying to work out how to further my road system so as I can make decent bends, inclines and flyovers.... but mainly because I now find myself tinkering in Photoshop and Blender all the time in order to make a bunch of posters for use when I actually have some walls/billboards to put them on.. Hey, what's a town without graffiti, grunge and in your face advertisements of a dubious nature! Between this and tearing my hair out trying to do various supposedly simple things in Blender I can see I am going to be very well entertained!