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    -make bears and other normally hostile animals attack your house and destroy it (this might be in its been a while)

    Even in Soviet Russia bears does not attacking your house.

    May be developers will add a monsters, what can try to steal your stuff - then it makes sense to attack the player's home.

    Seasons change can make survival mode much more interesting.
    Its make much more sense to get food supplies for a winter.
    In real life winter also makes some animals, such as wolves, more aggressive.

    But seasons change feature seems like a huge work. Trees have to lose their leaves, freeze rivers, snow covers a terrain.

    Also season change does not combine with current biomes type - it have to be a setting in world create screen.

    Well, now if you have no deserts (sand), you cant make a glass (or may be I don't know something?).

    I like idea about islands. I think Rising World need more lakes and also rivers. But may be there is no rivers because liquid water is still in development.
    Rivers can make environment look much more lovely and make a terrain orientation easier.

    There is a strange behavior in game: then pressing L key, appears a major light around a player. May be its a bug, may be its uncompleted feature.
    See a screenshots:

    Normal - night with a torch

    Pressing L key

    Without a torch

    May be its just uncompleted feature and "Lamp" in game controls reserved for this.

    There is no problem, but its feels like a cheat.