New World Settings

A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!
  • We already have settings like ore density, toggleable forests, what animals we want to spawn, etc. But here are some suggestions I have for tweaking the world before its generated. I know some of these probably aren't possible and some will take so much time that it most likely won't be worth the effort, but I might as well get all of my ideas out there.

    • Flatworld Height - Being able to change the height of the ground (minimum being a certain number of units away from the start of hell). This would allow people to build higher without changing the max build height. (ie. setting the ground height to -20)
    • New World type: Islands. This would be cool for servers more than singleplayer. It would be awesome to be somewhat isolated.

      • Ability to change the size and frequency (distance between 2 islands) of generated islands.
      • Ability to change variation of island sizes
    • Biome settings
      • Ability to choose what biomes are generated in the world and what are not. (ie. no deserts, or all mountains)
      • Ability to change how often a certain biome is generated.
    • Animal settings
      • Spawn frequency of each animal. (ie. more hostile animals, less passive = Harder gameplay)
      • Being able to change the health of animals would also make the game harder. I wouldn't go with animal specific settings for this, but maybe animal group specific settings (Hostile, Retaliating-Passive, Passive.
  • As stated elsewhere, I would add:

    5. Weather settings - Without going into too much sophisticated settings, I would find appropriate two single-value sliders:

    • "Good" <-> "Bad" controlling the preponderance of good vs. bad weather (I still find the current weather implementation too on the bad side).
    • Stability controlling how often the weather changes (I think in the current implementation weather changes too often).
  • Well, now if you have no deserts (sand), you cant make a glass (or may be I don't know something?).

    I like idea about islands. I think Rising World need more lakes and also rivers. But may be there is no rivers because liquid water is still in development.
    Rivers can make environment look much more lovely and make a terrain orientation easier.

  • I definitely agree on the Island option. The idea of crossing it with the biome settings is quite good too.
    I'm adding this :

    • Latitudinal biomes : the idea is basically to be able to define a distance at which cold and hot biomes can appears. For multiplayer servers where people want to make some roleplay, it would be nice to have a logical positionning of biomes according to their temperature.

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