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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    There should be a gamemode for truer harder survival. With this there should also be some new features.

    Inventory should be drastically reduced to only 2 slots (1 large or 2 medium items per slot, arms) when naked.
    Also, there should be more slots for wearables (Belts for example)
    Items to increase slots:
    Pants (+1 slots for small items)
    Belt with pouches (+2 slots for small items)
    Basket (+3 slots for small items) Wicker basket, plastic basket, etc.
    Cart (+1 slot for large items and +4 slots for small items) Wheelbarrow, shopping cart, etc.

    Wagon (+4 slots for large items and +12 slots for small items)

    Sickness and diseases should also be added. I will add more on disease later.

    To be honest that's part of the game! Maybe someone could write a plugin to do this? But imo manual loading of furnaces is part of the survival experience, if you don't want that maybe try playing in creative mode? No need to fill furnaces then. ;)

    It doesn't have to be as binary as you suggest. Fully loading a smelter all at once is nothing compared to being able to hold a stack of logs in 1 slot, a stack of rocks in another, several tools, stacks of planks, and still have empty pockets to spare. But that does bring up a good idea.

    I love this idea! I would love to explore maps based on fictional worlds. Of course it would be nice to have a world border/invisible barrier so you don't generate new random terrain.

    Honestly, I have never used Patreon. What I mean is I never committed money to anyone over the internet. I usually just buy a game as me doing my part. But since I realized how much Valve actually takes from indie developers, I feel kind of sad for all of those indie developers trying to get somewhere. Honestly if there was a way to help out Red51 I would. I would totally pay monthly for nothing in return. "Nothing in return? But everything has a catch. What's really going on Xalzinor?" Well actually the real catch is the whole reason why I never really wanted to contribute. I really really hate the entire idea of Pay to Win.
    I really don't want to bring religion into this, but it's the best analogy I can think of.

    Just like tithes, when people do it because they have this feeling that they need to or they simply expect something good to happen, the reasons behind this "contribution" are actually greed. And when a specific church starts guaranteeing worldly benefits, the members start giving more less because they are trying to help others and more because they are trying to help themselves. Then the church sees all this money coming in, and they either don't want it to stop, or they want it to grow, so they cant stop or slow down they "benefits" so they just increase it more and more. Well now, this so called "church" isn't about the idea of a church, its about the idea of money. In the end, those "worldly benefits" aren't really benefits to a true believer. Those "worldy benefits" will die out.

    Same should be said for games. Games should be about fun and entertainment. Games shouldn't be about a company getting more money while gamers are getting more virtual benefits. In the end those "virtual benefits" aren't really benefits to a true gamer. Those "virtual benefits" will die out.

    It is really easy to just push out a P2W game and make a ton of money off of it. But as we see, that's becoming more and more hated, and less and less popular. Idk about all the other gamers, but I actually like games where grinding is the only way to play.
    The real challenge is making a game non P2W, being an Indie Dev, and not giving into temptation of making it P2W just "to get an update out" and on top of that, Valve taking 30% of the money.
    Idk fully how to solve this without making Valve lowering that by at least half.
    But one way would be to offer a way for players to pay monthly subscriptions but giving them something in return that can in no way be used to benefit them in game. Maybe a tag included in their name either here, in the game, or both. Honestly skins could work too, but every game that went down that road went further down and they eventually became what they strived not being.

    Please Red51, I really want to see this game in its final form. It's hard enough that the dev team is so small. But finding out about the budget makes it even harder for me to believe it will even get done by the end of this decade. This is actually the first game I played that I do feel guilty for leaving even though the reasons are the same as other games I abandon. I do come back to this game every once in a while because unlike them, your team isn't a "grab the money and run" kind of devs. I'm sure I'm not the only one willing to pay monthly just for the sole benefit of seeing this game finish faster.
    Maybe have 4 different tiers, all have the same benefit of not having any benefit other than knowing the game will be finished faster.
    $1 $3 $5 $10
    It could also be harmless to have your name somewhere in a seperate page in the main menu of all contributors (no categories, just in alphabetical order.)

    Here's an idea: have game chat read aloud with either default OS voice or in-game synth voices.

    On top of this have each group be assigned a different voice and have it say the group name (optionally).
    for example:
    [Voice 2] "Xalzia Moderator says" (quick pause)* "what do you think of a text to speech feature?"
    [Voice 1] "Fredrick43 Player says" (quick pause) "whats the point?"
    [Voice 4] "Time of day has been changed by RonnieL"
    [Voice 3} "Donald1 Admin says" (quick pause) "I think it would be a good idea if you were AFK making tea or something"
    [Voice 3} "RonnieL Admin says" (quick pause) "what if you were so focused on building and someone mentioned you or asked everyone a question?"

    The client should be able to configure in settings what is said and what isn't.
    1. When someone PM's you
    2. When anyone says something with your name in it.
    3. Per group: admins only, admins and some other group(s), or all groups
    4. The group name in each players message
    5. System messages
    6. Plugin messages
    7. Error messages

    I would ask for speech to text, but I think thats more difficult and personally I would rather rely on a 3rd party program for StT.
    If anyone knows a 3rd party program for Text To Speech (or speech to text, but i dont really care much about that) for chat boxes in games like this, sharing would be great.

    Instead of 2 values of transparency (1 or 0), I think it would be cool if there were 8 different levels of transparency. (any # between 0 and 256) / 32 = transparency level rounded to nearest integer.
    So if a png file has pixels with an alpha value of 192, it will be level 6. But if it had a value of 150, it will be rounded to 5.

    Reason why I suggest 8 instead of 256 is because for all i know, it might be computationally demanding.

    Different kinds of fences might include:

    Wooden Spiked Barricade, since we are getting horses I thought this would be a good idea. It would hurt anybody or any animal that touches it. Similar to standing on a spike trap.

    Electric Fence (if we ever get electricity), Same concept as spike barricade but more damage.

    I have some suggestions for the Industrial update that was talked about. But to start I would like to suggest levels and skill trees.
    Reason why i want skill trees is because the game gets easy too quickly. Once I acquire everything and survival is too easy, it might as well be creative mode from that point. Which is why i have these 2 suggestions.
    3 main skills, and some skill trees for each skill. In multiplayer, this will encourage others to work together since you can't use all skills. And the option to have 2x to 10x more skillpoints be earned when you level up (Best for singleplayer but could be used for MP).
    I think 1 person at max level should be able to max out 3 different skill trees from the sub group with default settings. (for example, 1 basic crafting, 1 final product crafting and 1 extra crafting (either basic or final) could be: Miner, Blacksmith, and Cook)
    I can only think of 2 ways of levelling, each with their pros and cons:

    • 3 Major skills, all others are minor. Only doing major skills will give you xp.
      • Pro: You can't level up easily by doing things which are not part of your major skills. Also very customizable
      • Con: You can level up minor skills.
        • Workaround: Either make minor skills cost 2x more skillpoints than major skills or
        • Disable minor skills after the 3 major skills have been chosen.
          • You could do a reset and rechoose your major skills, but this would reset your level to 1 and skillpoints to 0.

    • Choosing a profession and only having 3 skill trees to level up. All others do not show up and there is no way to level them up either. (This is my favorite)

      • Pro: You can't level up easily by doing things which aren't part of your profession. You can't level up other skills.
      • Con: Must rely on others.
        • Workaround: Player starts with tier 1 skills on every tree. This makes it so that anyone can do every basic thing in the game, but to do more advanced things, they must decide.

    Tier 4 stuff would rely on industrial, that's why i'm suggesting industrial too.

    Also, Tier 4 could allow for automated crafting, but with some limitations and conditions.

    Every industrial machine will require power and maintenance every once in a while (durability) or will break down.

    For example, if machine required 64 Iron Ingots, 32 Copper, 32 iron rods, 24 gold rods, and 64 coal, and machine is 50% durability, must use 32 Iron Ingots to maintain/restore. If broken, use 64 Iron Ingots, and 16 Copper (penalty) to fix.

    Industrial machine can make tier 4 stuff at NORMAL speed, tier 3 stuff at 2x speed, tier 2 stuff at 4x speed, and tier 1 stuff at 8x speed.

    Also if one wanted, they could upgrade the industrial machine. This will not increase the speed, but rather the durability time.

    Tier==========Resource Cost==========Maintenance Cost==========Durability Time
    1 =============== 1x =================== 1x ================= 30 minutes (1x) 0.5 hours

    2 ===========1 + 2 = 3x ================== 1.5x =============== 90 minutes (3x) 1.5 hours

    3 =========== 3 + 5 = 8x ================= 2.5x =============== 150 minutes (5x) 2.5 hours

    4 =========== 8 + 8 = 16x =============== 4x ================== 240 minutes (8x) 4 hours

    • This raises a question: How do I obtain the tier 4 only resources?
    • Answer: Each skill has its own industrial machine and once you obtain the last skill on a skill tree, you are able to craft that industrial machine specific to that skill.
    • Crafting (This list is really long, so maybe clump some of them together?)
      • Cook
        • Tier 1: Very Basic cooked foods, and basic crafted ingredients such as: baked single ingredients such as baked potatoes, flour, bread, baked corn on the cob, Steak, jerky, pasta, etc.
        • Tier 2: Simple meals and simple crafted ingredients such as: salads, different types of sauce, etc.
        • Tier 3: Advanced meals and advanced crafted ingredients such as: goulash, meatloaf, cake, lasagna, fried chicken, cookies, etc.
        • Tier 4: Canned food, Bologna, hot dogs, soda, etc. (Food Processor)
      • Blacksmith
        • Tier 1: Primitive (Wood, stone, and leather)
        • Tier 2: Metal (Iron, Aluminum, Silver, any ore obtained above ground, etc.)
        • Tier 3: Deep Metals and stuff (Gold, Mithril, sulfur, etc.)
        • Tier 4: Advanced electric/electronic stuff (Electronic Workbench)
      • Woodworker
        • Tier 1: Primitive Sawbench, primitive workbench, Planks, beams, and basic Wooden blocks (cubes and stairs)
        • Tier 2: Round beams and complex wooden blocks (Slanted/diagonal sides)
        • Tier 3: Advanced wooden blocks (Curved blocks)
        • Tier 4: Industrial Sawbench
      • Tailor (Higher tiers make better clothing)
      • Chair-maker. Basically furniture for houses. Tier 4 machine not automated, just faster crafting speed.

    • Agriculture and Terraforming (Each tier could allow the use for better tools) (Note: You will need to either trade with someone who is a blacksmith, or be a blacksmith too)
      • Farmer: Digging, Tilling, Plowing, Planting, Harvesting, Animal Taming, Animal Husbandry, etc. Tier 4 could be farm tractors for plowing, planting, and harvesting, but is not automated and still requires power.
        • These tractors could either be 2x wider, 4x wider, or even 8x wider than a hoe. And speed will be 2x faster no matter the width.
      • Treecutter. Tier 4 could just be a chainsaw, which cuts the tree as fast as an axe in creative mode. Still requires fuel.
      • Miner Tier 4 could be a drill (which we have now)
      • Hunter
        • Bow and Arrows
        • Musket (Longer range, Longer reload)
        • Pistol (shorter range, shorter reload)
        • Sniper (Longer range, shorter reload)
    • I was going to put in Architecture main tree, but I decided not to because it would make it very difficult to a point where it would feel grindy like Ark: SE and Rust.

    Combat could be a skill, but I don't see why if we could just have better weapons and armor. So I don't really like combat as being a skill.

    I was going to make a huge suggestion in regards to power, but i think thats been well discussed and this post is getting long. So I'll leave it in 1 sentence. Maybe a primitive/small solution could be wind turbines, or a small steam turbine that is fueled by coal or wood.

    Been working on this suggestion for over 2 hours now. I most likely forgot a bunch of stuff as I was thinking and typing. If there are any questions or you would like to add to this, go right ahead.

    NOTE: This would be good after a stable version is released. I rather have more features first, VR later.

    I have in fact read steam discussions about this, 3 to be exact. But all of them are just requests. I would also like to make suggestions for controls. I will add more suggestions to this. But for now I would like to start with Rift Controls.

    1. Movement
    (Tap = Crouch Toggle) OR (Hold = Crouch)
    Double Forward = Sprint
    2. A = Zoom
    B = Rotate X* degrees right
    C = Unmapped
    D = Rotate X* degrees left
    Tap = Jump
    Double Tap or Hold = Fly
    3. Inventory
    4. Chat
    5. Map
    6. Journal
    7. Main Menu
    8. SteamVR Menu
    9. Secondary Action (similar to right click)
    10. Primary Action (similar to left click)
    11. HOLD to activate Placement Mode, but must have a placeable object in hand. (Might switch with 12?)
    12. HOLD and move hand left or right. Left = Compass, Right = Clock

    Placement (Holding Left Grip. Might be right grip?)
    Move left controller to move object left and right.
    13. Press = Freeze
    A. Taller ( Both grips held)
    Grid size +
    B. Wider
    C. Shorter (Both grips held)
    Grid Size -
    D. Thinner
    14. A. If controller is horizontal = Forward
    If vertical = Up
    B. Unmapped
    C. If horizontal = Backward
    If vertical = Down
    D. Unmapped
    15. Toggle Modular
    16. Toggle Grid
    17. Reset placement
    18. Unbound
    19. Main Menu
    20. SteamVR Menu
    21. Unmapped
    22. Unmapped
    23. HELD
    24. Hold to resize element. -> Use left joystick to resize

    This idea is not finalized. Welcome to suggestions for change.

    I might work on some ideas for the mapping of the Vive wands. But I'm not familiar with them so idk.