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A big new update is now available, introducing biomes, caves and much more!
Latest hotfix: (2024-02-21)

    My server installed the simple cars and it gives a whole list (in red in the chat window) of error messages. We uninstalled it thinking there was a big problem with it. The cars worked fine, other than our characters not quite staying in the car, we just had the error messages coming up every minute or so. Did we need to uninstalled it? Or can we put it back on the server and just ignore the messages? Or maybe we should do something to make the errors go away? I am not a computer guru and also am not the server host in our group but we really need to know if something is wrong on our end or what... we are new to the whole lua and scripts thing. ?(

    Wow you are really fast!!!! Maybe since I got your wonderful attention I could ask you about one of our fellow players Keroya. He died and logged out of the game, and cant get back into our server or the game now. we tried kicking him, restarting everything, reinstalling the game, teleporting his dead body...everything we could think of. Is there a way you could reset his character or something?

    I cant get in either. When I first try to get in the game, at the blue JW screen, it says its "waiting for a response from steam". ?( Then after a few attempts it will open the game. Then it will only let me into single servers. If I attempt to go into our multi player server (Landmark Orphans) or any other multiplayer, it kicks me from the server saying " no authentication possible". ;( I hope that helps. I miss my game :)

    Two things that would make me beyond happy would be to see a resizeable sphere prop and some more colors of stucco. To go with the sphere, one that is cut in half as well, with 2 options- hollow half sphere and solid half sphere. fully rotatable as well so they could be used for lamp shades, cereal bowls, etc... For the colors, a full adjustable color selector would be the best thing ever, but even a simplified selection like the picture would really open up to some beautiful designs. I really hope this is some thing that could be easily done, for it would make a huge impact on the game. Thanks you for your wonderful game and keep up the good work! :)