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    Finally a survival game implements real crouching! (As far as I know lol).

    Been having a bug with scaffold since about 0.9.2. Sometimes scaffold forgets it's supposed to be solid. Tried stacking many layers of scaffold thinking "how likely will all of them go not solid at the same time?".

    Pretty likely it seems. Scaffold has become such a death hazard during high rise construction I've had to switch to using blocks and ladders.

    Some bugs I noticed:

    Glass panes and window frames hidden inside arc block have visual clipping.
    When adding coal to a fully fueled furnace the coal is consumed but no extra fuel is added.
    New tomatoes refuse to stack with old tomatoes, we all know they are better but they should still play nice :P

    Other than that I'm super excited. Mining drill is so much fun. :D

    I'd love electricity too, seems wrong that with a few bits of metal I can make an infinite light source.

    But I guess we could say the same of torches :/

    But I'm wondering how sci-fi the game could get and still feel like Rising World.

    In a way, I feel like chemistry should go beyond herbs, teas, and other "potiony" things. I'm sure it would be useful, but plenty of games already have something like that.

    Unfortunately, I didn't study a lot of chemistry, so all I can think of are plastics, refining oil into gasoline. Maybe converting plants into biofuel?

    Thanks for all the responses :D

    My main reason for inquiring is that whoever owns the copyright also owns the right to decide how their work is used in derivative works such as Let's Plays.

    Some devs have some very strict guidelines about what is and isn't allowed.

    And I prefer to err on the side of caution. Just because no one says "no" does not mean the answer is "yes".

    Perhaps I'm overly cautious.

    Just curious, I know there are numerous Rising World Let's Plays on YouTube, but I haven't been able to find any information on JIW-Game's official Let's Play Policy.

    Based on the number of videos out there, I would assume JIW is ok with it. But we all know what assumptions are worth.

    And as Rising World popularity grows I think it would be helpful to Let's Players everywhere if there were an officially posted stance stating what JIW considers acceptable.
    Many game developers have a list of dos and don'ts.

    But what does the community think? Is Rising World that popular yet?

    Oh, and if there is an official Let's Play Policy out there, please direct me to it :D