What is the Let's Play Policy?

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  • Just curious, I know there are numerous Rising World Let's Plays on YouTube, but I haven't been able to find any information on JIW-Game's official Let's Play Policy.

    Based on the number of videos out there, I would assume JIW is ok with it. But we all know what assumptions are worth.

    And as Rising World popularity grows I think it would be helpful to Let's Players everywhere if there were an officially posted stance stating what JIW considers acceptable.
    Many game developers have a list of dos and don'ts.

    But what does the community think? Is Rising World that popular yet?

    Oh, and if there is an official Let's Play Policy out there, please direct me to it :D

  • I am sorry but I don't understand the problem here :/ RW is a product sold to the public, once you own the product you can do whatever you please with it. Of course not republish it by yourself or rip its assets off or something but publishing screenshots or videos of it shouldn't be a matter the developer has any power over. It is not like hosting a closed alpha/beta with non-disclosure agreements with the participants.

  • Perhaps OP is inquiring about such concerns like whether or not the game's music is audible in the Let's Play video. I remember that was an issue recently on youtube when lots of videos were getting pulled from youtube due to copyright infringement. I'd wait for someone from JIW to comment on this.

    Also, at 115K game purchases, i think Rising World is still an underdog but after the next few updates I'm hoping the game will start to seriously grow in popularity. At present we have just enough so that we actually have to deal with occasional trolls on Steam. :)

  • I generally get a kick out of watching those Let's Plays. Gives me a good idea of how people are playing the game.

    AFAIK, copyright strikes is not something Red is actively doing. I think takedowns are appropriate when people put videos with links to cracked copies up :S

  • I remember there were tons of those for Rising World back in the day that it was insane. Worse than porn spam.

    Well, seeing as how we can make videos freely anything goes....That's up until people start doing a 'pay-to-play' model for Rising World servers where Red51 may have to intervene as Mojang had to for their community.... That's a whole different issue though. OP Should be safe to do whatever he wants.

  • I've come across close to a dozen Rising World cracks on youtube over the past year. If anyone is frequently searching for Rising World on youtube then you're bound to come across one from time to time. I usually flag the video on youtube and send Red51 a message or an email to support@jiw-games.net

    Not all those cracked versions are up to date either. Heh.. I think we had someone here a few months back asking for tech support on a 2 year old version of the game. My first reaction was "what's wrong with the grass texture?" ;)

  • Thanks for all the responses :D

    My main reason for inquiring is that whoever owns the copyright also owns the right to decide how their work is used in derivative works such as Let's Plays.

    Some devs have some very strict guidelines about what is and isn't allowed.

    And I prefer to err on the side of caution. Just because no one says "no" does not mean the answer is "yes".

    Perhaps I'm overly cautious.

  • zfoxfire — for the uninitiated, what is a "cracked copy"? :?:

    I'm a noob YouTuber and it never even occurred to me that there could a copyright infringement from doing a "let's play" video. (I should know something about copyright since I work in publishing—but this got by me.) Since don't monetize my channel (LOL that's a hoot!) I should think there wouldn't be an issue ... but I'm curious now.

    I've not been able to record (or even play) since the end of July. Work and personal life has been crazy busy of late. But I do intend to get back to it on a semi-regular basis. You can see my build here: https://www.youtube.com/playli…921VRrITrj8E9E85aCOiY2Y1H I'm building a particular Tudor era Manor House that has connections to my ancestry. It is mainly a fun personal project, and I thought I'd record the process mostly for me and my family—but if others want to watch, so much the better.


  • cracked software is modified and re-distributed illegally with the intention of being fully-functional and free. You'll see this done with the most expensive software out there. Programs like autocad can cost thousands of dollars but I can find a cracked copy for free and play with the software. Programmers use a variety of techniques to pick apart and re-engineer parts of the game code that are responsible for validating itself as a legal copy. You'll find this stuff easily on torrent sites. Patch the game and it will launch just just fine. Ofcourse with online games like this you probably wont be able to join a multiplayer server but you can still play by yourself since there's no account linked to it.

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