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Trello update: We've added some basic phyiscs / gravity for objects and also started working on a proper sky

    @waveshapr You tweaked some dungeon sounds too. Very nice overall but the echo on breaking blocks seems a bit overpowering. Also, I'm hearing a new grinding sound of sorts but it only is audible in certain rooms. I'm beginning to hear voices in dungeons. If that was not intended they maybe I'm going crazy.

    I fear you're going crazy :D
    I didn't tweak the dungeons for the new update, at least not knowingly. But the character update had a few changes to the underground ambiences, maybe that's what you're hearing.

    Don't worry, that's just my humor :D
    I consider it a compliment :)

    A soundtrack is in the works, it just went under my radar recently. There is a lot of energy that went into new music and sound for the last update as well as the coming updates. The soundtrack might get broken down to several volumes as there is new music added to the game with each update.

    That's a good question!
    I do mean being able to craft the records that are currently available from resources you have in the world. It's not pirate copying, it's just giving some or all the records a crafting recipe.

    I don't think this is going to happen. The records are considered treasure, a way to get you to explore and feel rewarded when you collect them. Maybe Red can make them craftable in creative mode. :)

    I am a little iffy on importing music- but I imagine lots of people really-really want to do this. I just worry about copy-right infringements for songs that are still under protection.

    As for the gramophone, I was using mine the other day and I realise that I wish it was a bit louder. It's a little too quiet even when you're standing RIGHT besides it.

    Importing music and playing them on a in-game radio device is definitely on the list, if it happens it will be single player only due to copyright woes.
    A louder gramophone is a done deal! 8)

    I generally get a kick out of watching those Let's Plays. Gives me a good idea of how people are playing the game.

    AFAIK, copyright strikes is not something Red is actively doing. I think takedowns are appropriate when people put videos with links to cracked copies up :S

    The reverb of all sounds dynamically change depending on the space you're in. There's a short, barely noticeable reverb for indoors, a long, lush one for caves and echoes for loud sounds (pickaxe, axe, etc.) outdoors. The reverb that I hear is the indoors one, but quite a bit louder than it should be. I'll have to try to reproduce this and analyze the data I get from the engine.

    Ok, this is perfect. Thank you very much! :)

    I have had this occasionally, I suspect this is related to the check whether a player is indoors or outdoors to create a different reverberation effect.
    This happened to me when roofs weren't quite finished and the game wasn't quite sure whether this is a building already or not. The only thing I found helpful is to make sure that buildings are seamless, i.e. no cracks in walls or roofs, glass on windows, etc..

    We'll see how we can solve this issue.

    Ok, great.
    I'm aware certain sounds are louder than others and this will be resolved with the next update, but there really shouldn't be any significantly louder sounds.
    It would be interesting to hear what's going on there in detail.