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    What does that have to do with spawning?

    Actually, though it's off topic, I know what you're talking about. There's another MC-like game out there that I used to play that has 16 color-coded "portals" that work in pairs. You could place color-coded portals in your house, and others in town, in the cave you're working on, at your friend's house, etc., and just instantly teleport between places. (In fact, you could have several "portals" tied to a color code. You climb in and it would randomly show you the other exits in that color code, then you step out once you see the exit you want.)
    The Good News is you could teleport around (think Stargates).
    The Bad News is you really don't need any other kind of transportation. Once you have your "portals" set up you can move from home to the deepest part of a cave, to the top of the tallest mountain, to clear across the map, in seconds. Kinda makes minecarts, horses, trucks, etc. pretty pointless and pure novelty. The other Bad News is, as handy as that sounds, you can't teleport from Point A until you set up another portal at Point B. In that game, portals (by necessity) are personal and your friend couldn't set up a portal for you. Your "portal set" is different from his "portal set". Plus the item used to make a portal is very hard to obtain.

    Personally, I'm not for portals. In most cases they're a hassle. And they're too "sy fi" for RW.

    The last place you warped to could be your respawn and if you haven't used teleport it should used the default location from the start of the world
    but I guess it should be a mod then.

    there needs to be a system for mining ore. why not make it realistic
    example: gold miners use gold panes to get the gold out of dirt and rock.…gal-Cunningham%5B1%5D.jpg

    and diamonds. I don't know if there will be volcanoes in this game but if there going to be this is where they should be…tion-in-earths-mantle.jpg
    and the method for finding them you would use the pickaxe to get the unpure ore and maybe make a system to extract the diamonds.

    Also depending on what you mine (back to the minecraft pickaxe tier system) instead of that do something like a reinforced pickaxe with a steel pick or even a mining drill with carbon fiber tip.

    Here is an idea for re spawn you could have two markers (this is if they implement a map into the game) have the first marker as home base. and the second be movable. and yes fast travel but only between these two markers.
    there is the possibility of someone using this to there advantage so what you should do is make it to where they can only fast travel to places they have already explored.
    The fast travel would be useful if you needed to switch out equipment at your base or you need to get to a certain spot in multiplayer to do stuff with your friends.

    I don't know if other people have already suggested this already but it just seems there are not enough doors int the game. Right now I am building a 10-12 level bunker and jail cell and wooden doors just don't look right ya' know. I looked online and found a few picture for you devs to look at. Also if anybody wants to see a certain door to be looked at feel free to post here. :D







    you know how some open world survival games have there own preset ingame music, well how bout you guys go a sstep above that and let people have there own music ingame. Depending on what style they players have there enviroment like colonial, retro, modern ect. you could have record players, phonographs, or boomboxes. the feature would add alot of personalization to the game and can help set the mood for the enviroment.