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    this is what i did

    1. first build trunk
    2. fill trunk
    3. build brick wall with or without sign
    you need to save or sleep and remove objects
    4. go to front of sign break with pick ax
    5. move cursor around and see whats available to pick up
    and then go to the rear of box and do same

    I broke back of box sticking out as well, effects unknown
    it worked twice sorry minotorious might be a glitch on your part

    i built a chest and put rocks in it with a sign pasted to it i then built a wall through the chest
    when i was in a hurry i destroyed it with my pick after emptying it and guess what hapend
    i destroyed it from the front like opening it and then went behind the wall and low and behold its
    still there and when i destroyed it again... it exploded with all the stuff i had in it right before
    i destroyed it. this could be a bad cheat for ppl please fix it......