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The Building-Update for the new version is now available!

    A question of no great importance if you find a moment to reply. *Because I have too much time on my hands at the moment.

    Regarding trees on the new "super mountains", will they cover them from head to toe or will the trees fade out in altitude like you might normally find on truly tall mountains?

    Cant tell you why but when I opened the website this morning to check for a reply it had switched to English. You did magic on your end, didnt you? :)

    Maybe if additional features were also included.
    My first thoughts on it:

    Right now its easy for someone to do everything, and that`s alright for someone who just wants to create their own little area.
    For something requiring a constant resource influx that goes beyond simple AI colony consumption that quickly become tedium, I think random negative conditions would need to be inserted like natural disasters or aggressive bandits that would not just tank an entire caravan resulting in some negative (it sounds like your talking about moving resources from A to B). Maybe they would set up along the route and need to be forcefully driven out. The longer they`re left alone, the more dug in they become.

    if I was relegated to a specific job like cutting trees or mining stone I`d be gone in 2-3 days. So maybe some system where the market demanded iron one day and tomato's on another (whatever). Differentiating the trees beyond logs/lumber/sticks might help with that some.

    This is just me, but assuming colonies expand I`d want something in place where they cant encroach on my little nook. (stay off my lawn, damn kids).

    There`s more but thats a decent start. Remember the dev`s are a small team who already have a lot on their plate atm too.

    The porch I was going for was on a corner and wrapped around the window vs running along it with the two small 45degreee spots on the porch edge, which caused problems. Also had the planks running at 90degrees to those in the pic.

    Does the exterior and interior floor change at the wall? I had "steps" that stuck out.

    That looks pretty nice )


    I was wondering if anyone had had luck building a bay window?

    The hurdles Im bumping into are:
    1. The porch around the outside has two 45degree angles. I can place the 90degree planking alright but it leaves two triangular areas that just wont play well.
    2. Wanting to use different exterior (porch) and interior planks creates jagged "steps" which I cant hide unless I double up on the wall width.

    If anyone has pulled this off I`d appreciate a pointer of two.
    Thanks. water will basically flow "block by block"

    Is that to say I could for example, make a canal or waterfall that at least sort of flows as long as I create it in a sequenced order of placed water blocks?


    Rising World is voxel based and to say it plainly, manipulable water has never been mastered in any voxel game that Im aware of. It was pretty much a holy grail item that never was all the way back to Landmark.
    I patently wait for the day I can make a stream that actually flows but not holding my breath.

    Maybe we will remove some of the furniture in favor of better furniture

    I can only imagine how full your plate is right now, but was thinking this might be a good time to revisit a suggest post I made a couple years back about including the ability to craft work stations, beds, chairs, barrels, skeletons, etc.. in a dilapidated/broken state that would fit into old delves or caverns, or maybe even lost underground cities *cough*.

    The revamp is looking great so far and cant wait to see additional screenshots.

    Question not necessarily aimed at Red:

    I havent been keeping up with the under the hood stuff but I recall reading RW was voxel based. Regarding Red`s comment that new block shapes were coming, Has the voxel area limitation ever been overcome?

    Explanation...Each voxel has an area. The visible shape of the voxel can be changed but the area used is still there, just some of it is now invisible. This means/meant that you couldnt place another voxel within that invisible space. IE: cant join two shapes as one.

    Was that issue ever worked out?

    Having an issue where everything on the sides of my screen stretches and massively zooms in. Is so bad I had to stop running to gaze at the sheep-worm in the distance that looked 20' away when I turned sideways to it. *Yes, it was stretched so bad it looked like a sheep-worm.

    Using a Intel i5-6500, 32 megs of ram, a Nvidia GTX 1080 and an ultrawide Predator.

    Havent played in over a year so is possible I missed the note but couldnt find an answer through the forums or google.


    True. The premise being that as more features are added, more people will come. There`s a large niche for sandbox games now and I think that will continue to grow.

    I havent looked at the price since I bought into the early access but it was darn cheap for what`s already there. Running an actual game is beyond my experience but I would think that raising the price as it moves forward would IMO be quite justified and provide an expanding revenue stream(?).