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The Building-Update for the new version is now available!

    Landmark had a fair amount of servers that you could choose from but it was a finite number, so the result was that there were always others around.
    The problem was that there was always a rush for the best spots. Those who got them had joy. Those who didnt had grief.

    I think where RW might succeed where Landmark didnt is that is that not only are the servers procedurally generated but that after a while you realize that areas repeat (layout-wise), so if you found a spot that spoke to you and was occupied you could just wander a bit and you would eventually find it somewhere else.

    Instead of allowing single servers for everyone they could instead have a set number of servers to choose from with pre-set rules. PvP, PvE, Animals dont attack, etc. That way people could still choose what best works for them while forcing people into the same server.
    Even if the term "forcing people" doesnt sit well with someone, consider that the world is endless and its technically? possible to never see another person.

    Wanted to suggest perhaps adding dungeon/mine furnishings with degrees of heft and in (un)kept conditions.

    Examples might be a thick and rugged table/chair where miners might drop their stuff on and toss their feet up after a hard days work. The same table/chair but in a broken state like you might find in an abandoned mine or dungeon.
    Maybe a non-functioning smelter or workbench thats very old and busted up.
    A few styles of broken chests.
    Maybe old broken cots or sleeping mats (with dried blood stains of course).
    Broken tools? Whole tools that could be placed?

    That kind of stuff
    Thanks in advance.

    What if in addition to ore deposits we could mine gemstones as well which could then be used as a construction material? Maybe 8-10 types with varying rarities?

    Landmark had them but only got it half-right. The deposit graphic didnt change or scale when used to build with so depending on what you were doing it result either looked wonderful or ungodly horrible.

    Landmark had the same issues with it too. You could craft it but it was in blocks, stuck outside of objects, and was static.

    I dont know code but pretty sure a condition would have to be applied to everything else for it to behave, let alone the object itself. Going off the Landmark dev`s struggle with it, it isnt an easy deal.

    I poked around looking for roadmap/pipeline features and wanted to ask about the possibility of created flowing water. IE: homegrown lakes and waterfalls.

    Any chance of that somewhere down the line?