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A status update and another preview video of the new version are now available!

    Hi all im looking for a world protection /build protection plugin that i can use on a HOSTED server. I just want to protect construction for when i open the server to the public. Again i am using a hosted server through pingperfect. I have not seen one that mentions i can be used on a hosted server and if so where to put the pluging on the server through ftp. Appreciate any help thank you.

    It would be nice to be able to select different textures and be able to paint said textures onto construction elements. For example a pre made building and you wanted to paint the walls/ beams in different textures instead of rebuilding it or changing the exsisting texture wall color with new construction parts.

    Not sure if that is to hard to make or not. Im very exited to see the new version.


    This is amazing! You have a great talent, keep on having fun and sharing :):D:wow:

    Thank you for your kind words. I am still learning the ropes and how to manipulate the pieces lol. More to come in the future. Some updated pics of the front and back and the original building i used as a guide :) Also credit to the blueprint creators of the street lamps & white flower towers .They are not mine .




    You can easily add a picture with a direct view by using the file notes above.

    To open a link is not very comfortable. ^^

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hi i spent an hour going through several links to add under the image link option within the message post and i could not get it to display the image in the post. I finally after trying several different sites got it to work thanks.

    A few houses i been working on for our Venetian themed city and world.No room layout has been done in the interiors. Windows and doors are in place . In spots where i wanted full glass as a door i used glass for effect (look). The smaller houses do not have stairs in place yet. I will work on interiors next and more beautifying with posters and landscaping. Maybe some awnings ? Thanks for looking . Credit to the original creator for the city lamps i am using and some fencing as you see in the pictures. We have these setup along a downtown of canals but they can placed on even ground also.



    Yes i have had servers as close as la in the us ( im on the west coast of canada? and also in montreal didnt seem to make a difference. Im stuck in steamcmd with what command to enter to download and install the server files and what steps to take to set it up and get it running.Im in cmd i have to add that my steam library is on a external drive so are all my games including rising world. Just dont know where to go from here. I tried the command listed in the pinned post and it doesnt accept that?

    Hello all first off i want to say how much i enjoyed this game myself and my friends are upwards of 600 plus hours in it. I have been to several hosting providers and it seems when we create game worlds they are large and resource rich. We have no luck finding a provider that not only updates the files in a timely fashion but where we dont bog down the servers. So my question is this i run a fairly decent system and would like to know how easy it is to install and run our own server (windows server) on our own machines. I downloaded and installed steamcmd however i am stuck at this point . I have tried running the commands as per the pinned steamcmd post above but the cmd does not recognize that command? So i am not sure what i should be doing at this point is there an updated easy step by step guide on setting up the server for beginners? I have not done this before. Rising world would be the "only" game i would like to host.I am not able to download the game server files through cmd with the commands listed on the forum?

    I appreciate any tips guide on this. Or if one has an affordable option that doesn't cost over 50 bucks a month without a guarantee that the server doesn't bog down. We have tried viilayer (terrible) ( Zap too expensive same issue ) . and nitrado same issue bogs down with max server settings they offer. Again we like big cities / maps lots of buildings and posters within game.

    I really want to enjoy this game without lag and bog so i am hoping if i can get the steamcmd sorted we can run it on our own machines but i would appreciate some guidance on how to do that best. Thanks alot