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    My friend plays games on my computer, but with her own Steam. I gave her permissions to play my Rising World game, but when she logged in it just gave her a new toon with my name, so that didn't work. She tried to buy the game for herself, but she wasn't able to because it said she already owns the game.

    How can I take her off my game so that she can buy it for herself? She will still be using it on my computer while she waits to get one of her own. Actually, this is an issue with all the games on Steam on my computer.

    I know this might be a Steam question, but nobody seems to be answering her there so I was hoping one of you good people could let us know how it's done.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!


    RESOLVED: In Steam>Settings there is a "Family" section. I found her there and removed her. :-)

    Help! I was trying to fill my kitchen sink with water but instead I got a big sphere of water in the middle of my kitchen. Is there some way to make it go away?

    Hilfe! Ich habe versucht, meine Küchenspüle mit Wasser zu füllen, aber stattdessen habe ich eine große Kugel Wasser in der Mitte meiner Küche. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, es zum Verschwinden zu bringen?
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    I had a look at the database but I'm unclear what I change, exactly. I do know that I've logged in to several different servers, all with different starting gear. Even if I have to set it per world, as long as it can be done before toons log in, that would be good, too.

    How do I adjust the starting gear on my singleplayer game? I'd like to do it automatically, so every time I start a world I get the same gear without having to add items manually.

    Once I deleted the RWgui plugin, the error went away. I definitely had the PluginAPI.jar not in the plugins folder, as per the screenshot I posted earlier, though. The plugins folder contains only a couple of plugins, no extra copy of the PluginAPI or anything. The only plugins I have in there are gps, world protection, shared, and planksNbeams.

    When you deleted the game did you uninstall from Steam and then delete the folder RisingWorld?


    You may want to check you have Windows Updated to date.

    Freshly updated also don't appear to have any plugins folder?

    I didn't add anything extra, just took what I got from a clean install of the game and PluginAPI. The only thing I might have done differently is extracting that one file, which did have the Index-files in it.

    What I did was to extract the PluginAPI to my Rising World folder (not the plugins folder). Tried running the singleplayer servers again and got the same message, even with a fresh install of everything.
    Next, I tried extracting the file that appeared with the PluginAPI, but it didn't fix anything.

    Here's what my files look like, in case something looks obviously wrong to you. I used WinRAR to open the PluginAPI.jar, and just as the error message says, couldn't find a plugin.yml in there anywhere. However, I was getting this error even before I upgraded from the previous PluginAPI version, so I'm kind of lost as to how to fix this.

    Currently, I can't play singleplayer at all anymore.

    Have you tried downloading the plugin API for again as the messages indicate something is missing.

    If a new download still comes up with an error have you tried going back to ?

    I did try reinstalling the
    Now I am trying deleting the game entirely from my computer and starting fresh.
    I've played for years without error. Not sure why it's a problem now. I must be forgetting something.

    My singleplayer servers won't open anymore, as of at least a couple of days ago. I haven't tried since the last update, so I am not sure when exactly they stopped opening.

    My current PluginAPI is version, which is the most recent one I can find in these forums.

    I get the following error:

    Windows10 (x64) 10.0 Java: 1.8.0_131 amd64 -H:3072 -D:3072 (Steam)
    Intel(R)Core(TM) i5-4690 CPU @ 3.50GHz, H97M-G43(MS-7924), 8125 MB (3186 MBHeap)
    NVIDIAGeForce GTX 1060 3GB 20181010000000.000000-000
    LoadingState:Error occurred while starting singleplayer game
    pluginapi.PluginException:No 'plugin.yml' definition file found for plugin "PluginAPI.jar"!
    Ifyou are the creator of this plugin, you have to put a proper'plugin.yml' file into the "resources" package
    atjava.util.concurrent.Executors$ Source) Source)
    atjava.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)
    atjava.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source) Source)

    The issue isn't that the saddle is being removed, the saddle is on the horse and it still walks away. It appears that if you do not have the most recent version of ABM installed, the horse (maybe all mounts?) are called "Wild" per the ABM plug-in, and as such they roam away, and in some cases disappear, with the saddle on.

    I'm playing on the Denver_players public server, so I'd guess they have the most recent version on abm? Also, I haven't been able to figure out how to remove a saddle from a horse... (nm, obviously hold down the F key!)

    On my singleplayer server, a horse with a saddle stays put.