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    I spent literally hours searching for a horse on the Denver server. Finally found one and put a saddle & saddlebags on it, rode it around a bit. But every time I dismount, the horse wanders off. Happens whether in the wild or on my protected settlement. When I hover over the horse, it says "wild" -- is there some trick I should know about to make it stop running away? I tried to ask players in-game but got no response.

    I think the server has an animal breeding plugin, if that makes a difference. I'm brand new to Rising World, so I basically know nothing.

    For this particular horse, though, it is a moot point because it just walked into ankle-deep water and drowned. But once I find another horse, I'd like to know how to keep the same thing from happening. Not very useful to travel by horse if I can't dismount without losing it.

    Thanks for any help!

    Now my little Rising World app is in the state that I can publish the previous version. First I'll upload it here and later in the playstore too. Currently it's available in english and german. Here you could download it:…MGkzWTQ/view?pref=2&pli=1
    I would be glad to get some feedback and creative suggestions,

    I click but it says that page does not exist. I am brand new and I don't know much about how to play yet.