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    I carry a sickle with me and just cut the grass down so i can find them. I for one like how in taller grass it makes you have to find the bandit. The Bandits right now drop so much iron and gold you really don't even have to go mine it. Making the game a lot easier which I don't care for.

    But I do understand what your saying it can become a pain to find them. The only it really makes it hard is when you have like 4-5 bandits coming at you and a couple of bears. So you lose track of where you shot the bandits or animal, because your running all around staying out of their way while trying to kill them. But to me that is what makes the game fun.

    Sorry for the late response! Unfortunately you can't use special characters in the world name (in this case the question mark), since the server creates a folder and a few files on the hard drive using that name (and depending on the OS/filesystem, this character is not allowed). So in order to fix that problem, just remove the question mark from the world name (and make sure to not use any other special characters) ;)

    I believe this also goes for player names correct? I know we have to ask players to change their name if it has a special character in it.

    Thanks for the update! I'll try to reproduce this bug :)

    Hmm... that's strange oO Basically the X is just a regular map marker which is created by rightclicking on the map. Please try to delete it by clicking on it and hitting the DEL key on your keyboard - just in case this marker was created by accident.

    Hmm... that's strange oO Basically the X is just a regular map marker which is created by rightclicking on the map. Please try to delete it by clicking on it and hitting the DEL key on your keyboard - just in case this marker was created by accident.

    Sorry about that , I mean instead of a red dot on the map when its open showing the person moving its a Black x that moves not the red dot. lol But yes when I first opened the map and saw the black x I was like " i dont recall placing a x here on the map and I spent like 4 mins trying to remove that x" I figured it out I kind of felt dumb when I realized what was going on.

    Ok Red51, We have been checking. So here is what we have. If one person is on a mount and someone tries to invite to group it either will not work or it bugs it. This is with all mounts.

    Second thing It places a black x on the map of the other person instead of a red dot. I dont know which way you have it setup. Because most of the time it is a red dot which we like better than the x.

    But join group does work for the most part if both people are are off mounts then making the group.

    Also , Now we tested another part of it and I dont know if this is supposed to work or not. But we had three of us running together. So person A asks person B to join join group those two can see one another. Now if person A or B ask person C to join then person C can ONLY see person A or B that asked them to join but can not see the other person.
    So person A asks person B to join both can see one another. A and B are in group now person A asks person C to join group Now only person A and C can see one one another and Person A who asked both person B and C can see both of them. Both C and B can see person A. But C and B cant see one another.

    I hope this helps. Thanks

    Thank you. I have never used a translator before. I guess I will now learn about and how to use one. The things I learn.

    I know a lot of you are from other countries which I respect very much. But I’m from the USA and I was not taught any other language like a lot of you have been.

    But I have noticed a number of questions that were asked in English and than they are answered in another language because someone figured out the OP was from somewhere other than US.

    Can you please answer back in English please. It helps me and others who might have the same problem. If someone starts a question in their Language than by all means answer them in that same language.
    It helps us all .

    I would love to be able to read all the German comments in the blue print section on how things are done but dummy me can’t read German lol .

    Please this is not knocking any of you about your language, in no way I’m I trying to disrespect you all


    This is on Public server. Wild Frontiers. Yes its right from the beginning. We both join and and one of us will invite the other one to group. I will invite her and and she can see me on her map and it shows the red circle on me so she can see me if we are apart. But Then I cant see her at all on map or away from me.

    And the same happens to her if she invites me. But last night I think I might have figured out what is causing the issue. It seems that if one of us are on our mount and the other person is off and doing the inviting it screws it up or it WONT work at all.

    We are going to test it more over the next couple of days. We have only been on horses so we will check if this happens on the other mounts as well.
    I'll let you know what I come up with.

    So my daughter and I play together and we are having a issue when we try and join up. Sometimes I can see her red dot and she can’t see me or it’s the other way around. Then sometimes it’s not even right on the map.

    I have had this also , I believe it’s server lag. The farther out you are the more it happens. So how I have had this happen is I’m riding fast and the whole world is not loaded yet I end up getting stuck on the edge. My horse falls half way into the ground and it won’t go forward or anything. As soon as this happens I log off and log back in and it’s fixed. I then ask for a server restart and the issue goes away for about 2-3 weeks.

    So I’m at a lose on how to say the right word.
    I play on a pvp survival mode server.

    People build and people break in. I use a drill to go through blocks.
    I noticed that we have steel and concrete reinforced blocks. I was wondering if we can make those types of blocks longer to drill through?
    what’s the point in making them if it takes the same amount of time to get through them?

    I would like to see full size doors that run top to bottom on stables and barns.
    Reason, it makes these areas look like crap when you have to leave two blocks higher open so that you can ride your mount out of these areas.

    also would like to see air tanks so we can swim under water with our wet suit and flippers on

    Just wondering is there going to be any way to transfer over the items we have collected that we have stored in chests?

    A lot of time , raiding and mining went into collecting these items.

    I love the idea and I understand why. Just hoping blue prints will work. The only down side is losing all the resources we have stored up in the vault.
    Im all ready hearing people on our server that are looking to stop playing if the blue prints dont work out.

    So if this goes forward than I will stop adding to my build so there is less to blue print. Which brings me to if I will continue to play or just wait until this is done.
    More than likely i will continue to play but just not build for I love this game and its the only one I play.

    question is this the same platform RUST runs on? I left Rust because of all the hackers. Is this new platform going to open up RW to a bunch of hackers?