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    I play on a survival server and we like to build here. We like to share screen shots and video in our discord server. So is there a way to turn the
    Coordinates and depth off and on when we want to do video or screen shots? I would not like to give my positions away to others. I know how to remove it from a screen shot but I dont know video editing.

    Red51 , I found a new bug that just popped up today . I made a video of it so you can see. When I open my bags you can see that I have one stack of 64 hellstone and one stack of 14 hellstone. When I click on the crafting table and I hit the max amount for crafting 64 blocks it shows correct for the max amount , but its shows 128 on what it is going to make. i pressed the button once. I opened my bags and you can see it made 2 stacks of 64 and I still had a stack of 14 hellstone left. I noticed it on another block that has been around for awhile. So I dont think its just related to the new blocks. but might.

    So since the new update , not the one just now but from a few days ago. I noticed that (sorry to word it hope it makes since)

    Lets say I have two stacks of 16 of carrots and I go and open a barrel.
    In the barrel there is a stack of 4 carrots already in the barrel . I
    click on one of the stacks of 16 carrots in my bags to place the carrots
    into the barrel it will top off the stack of 4 to 16 then the remaining
    carrots disappear. It dosent leave the remaining count in my bags or
    make a new stack with remaining ones in the barrel.

    This as happened on a bunch of different items and different boxes just
    not the barrel . It even is happening from moving items from barrel back
    to my inventory bags on me. Its doing it both ways.

    At first I thought I was just seeing things , so I asked in group the
    other day for others to watch or if they had noticed it already too. A
    few said yes right away, others by the end of the day said yes after I
    asked them to watch for it happening.

    PLease dont do this, then it becomes another world of warcraft. Its nice to just fight not knowing and then the surprise of the win

    I cant wait for the new update :) But just wondering if the falling through the earth will be fixed so f2 can be turned off so in pvp servers we dont have people f2ing into claims anymore? Or people using exploits in the pvp servers.

    The npcs look awesome, will be nice to have a challenge in the dungeons than just simple knocking out walls and covering pits

    gears would be cool . mine the iron smelt it down have about 4 different size ones you can make and be able to place them together and be able to add rope or cable to run things like elevators. Maybe be able to use the gears for doors or the train and cars that are coming.

    elevators i would love to see different ones like for a home or big office or castle . And then one for deep mines that run on ropes sort of like the draw bridge does.

    Gates would be nice so we can build a holding corral that we can open and ride out of without having to use two doors all the time to build with.

    So i have a desktop pc that I play most of the time, But i work out of town so i got a laptop. When Im on my laptop my map does not show all the uncovered areas like when Im on my desktop.
    It would be nice if i had the same map on what ever pc i log into. It sucks having to uncover all the areas again.

    Can we get a triangle window? we use 45 degree building all the time and it would be nice to also have glass that can go into the triangles.

    Now with the horses and saddel , bags. Its nice that we can log out of game and we disappear so people cant kill or loot are bodies. But it really sucks when you have traveled like 20k blocks out and have your horse. Because you have to ride all the way back to lock your horse up. So can we get the horse to log out also when leaving game. Saddels can we get the bags to beremoved with items still in them? It sucks that for us to remove the bags we have to empty them first.

    Maps, in pvp it would be cool to be able to kill someone and find their map and see stuff on it that is marked. Maybe not be able to keep it but have a time limit on how long you can see this map. Then be able to place those marks onto our map.

    Beds could we get a way to have like 5 spawn location beds so we can chose which bed we can spawn back at?

    Thanks for reading