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    as stated various times by Red51 on the forums, the player model is not here to stay. because of this, i have a suggestion and a question.

    suggestion: instead of making 1st person 'hand' models, i think it would be way better if the new player model had its body and head meshes separated, so when in 1st person, you could hide the head, and then the player would see his whole body. this also opens up a way to customization, since you would apply mesh modifying techniques only to the head mesh (be it bones, morph points or even sub models). a similar technique is used on the mount&blade series of games by taleworlds.

    question: is the current, realistic-ish art style final? from an artists point of view, i think the current artworks(not 100% of it but, lets say, 85%) are great and true to the overall theme, but it may turn out to be a trap further in the development, since making things look real is way harder than more stylized work.

    thanks for the attention spent reading this.

    in regards of simplicity, i think that oversimplificating a sandbox game would take a bit of its essence. on the subject of similar recipes and furniture, i dont think it is realistic to fully build a piece of furniture and then simply take it and place it. i like and prefer the approach of the space engineers game, where you have a menu of possible blocks and constructs, you select what you want to build, then you place the frame, which costs a bit of material (which is taken from the inv) then you can progressively build the block on field.

    well, then my idea in regards to crafting is the following:

    instead of using full GUI based crafting, the player should be able to place the actual items on top of the crafting table, and with a tool, like a hammer for example, he would hit the pile of items on top of the table. if there is a combination of these, the game just pops the items out and the resulting item in. and for more basic items (like the table itself, and the hammer) i think a tree stump could work as a "temporary crafting table" as in if you use it 3 to 4 times its surface wears off. the tree stump would also not need the hammer, of course.

    I already stated on another topic that i think this game has potential. but i am becoming very concerned as to if this potential is really going to be used.

    what i mean is that i am a bit afraid that this game in the end becomes just another sandbox, and has nothing different from others.
    in regards to crafting, for example, all and every other sandbox game handles this through a GUI (with a few exceptions), but i dont think this is the only way.

    if the devs are interested in hearing more about my ideas and concepts, ill be happy to elaborate more.

    ideally, in my head, there would be a age tree, instead of a line.

    like this:

    Stone age(very low tech, forcing nomadic behavior)
    |_Primitive society(low tech, ability to settle)
    ..|.|_Low Magic
    .....|_Current days

    if it could be like a tree, each branch could have a limit.
    if a line is better, i envision this:

    Stone age --- Primitive society --- Medieval --- Victorian --- Industrial --- Current days --- Future

    i bought this game because of the potential i see on it, but i currently dislike the fact that it seems to be modern oriented. i am, though, well aware that lots of people would play a game like this with a modern theme, but im more of a medieval player. although it was already stated that the game will feature age advancements of technology, i would be very happy if, on the world creation screen there was a slider for "age limit". it would work like this: the age the slider was set on will be the most advanced type of tech available on that world. this way, medieval servers would not have to rely on rules or mods for that matter. it could also work for 'stone age' servers or even normal modern ones, if futuristic tech were to be implemented.

    thanks for reading.

    i just finished downloading the game and ran into a problem. the game simply wont create or load a world! it will show the progress bar for world creation/loading but shortly after i get a CTD with no messages whatsoever. meddling through the folder i found a crash log, i pasted its contents into the spoiler.