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    You can use the posters for windows or make glass, just have an image with sufficient transparency.
    I show an example (we make a church with a friend)

    there are so many possibilities thanks to this, like making carpets, placemats ......................

    I already use the craft very well with boards and beams, it is not the problem. I make vault and arc of circles

    what I ask is its form that is missing in the blocks. impossible to do with the beam unless you spend 6 hours per corner.

    hello to all and all, before all things sorry for my english I use a translator.

    I also wanted to say that I discovered this game rests and that I fell in love with it is the best understood quality realism compared to minecraft (which I do not like because all ets square).

    but in the building blocks (blocks) it is sorely lacking a shape, the one that would be the opposite of my screen here :

    indeed it would be the part that would be on the other side so that it fits perfectly (in all id).

    I searched is oddly I did not find a subject about it, or I searched badly.

    Please integrate this form which would allow us to make more beautiful construction.

    Thank you for reading me and take my request seriously