a piece that is sorely lacking

  • hello to all and all, before all things sorry for my english I use a translator.

    I also wanted to say that I discovered this game rests and that I fell in love with it is the best understood quality realism compared to minecraft (which I do not like because all ets square).

    but in the building blocks (blocks) it is sorely lacking a shape, the one that would be the opposite of my screen here :

    indeed it would be the part that would be on the other side so that it fits perfectly (in all id).

    I searched is oddly I did not find a subject about it, or I searched badly.

    Please integrate this form which would allow us to make more beautiful construction.

    Thank you for reading me and take my request seriously

    I love the construction and farming game, it still lacks something on this one but I love it already

  • The developer will improve the building system. But it will take time. Other things have priority.

    Experiment a bit and look into "planks and beams".

    This system allows you to build in any angle, any size, any texture, any position you desire.

    It is not easy to learn but when you understood it, the possibilities will blow your mind.

    Check the forum here for blueprints and you will see what I mean.

  • I already use the craft very well with boards and beams, it is not the problem. I make vault and arc of circles

    what I ask is its form that is missing in the blocks. impossible to do with the beam unless you spend 6 hours per corner.

    I love the construction and farming game, it still lacks something on this one but I love it already

  • With planks and beams you can create the quarter circle you ask for. It doesn't take that long. Just some experience and practice.

    I meanwhile build completely only with planks and beams.

    On the long run all blocks with all shapes will be resizeable, as planks and beams.

    But this will take a while

  • I know it well but I do not have much time to do a half geode because that's what it's not just a half circles

    I love the construction and farming game, it still lacks something on this one but I love it already

  • I totally agree that we need more construction forms. It's possible to build everything with planks and beams, but such constructions need a lot of building parts and time. The more parts the more lags. But as mentioned above an update for the building system will come, but not in the very near future.

  • @diester

    It is not a masterpiece of art but maybe it will help you a bit.

    Test1-file is a blueprint (dont unzip, just put in the blueprint folder) for a 45 degree shaped block, as you requested. In the same texture as you mentioned above.

    With some more patience it could be better but it is just to proof that it doesn´t take long (less than 5 min) to create such a block on your own and blueprint it for future use. I still agree regular shapes like this would be easier and i look very much forward to it. But until then we can find our own solutions.

    If you don´t like this one have a look at this picture. I simply used 2 blockwalls and at the corner i added a round beam (log) that filled the corner. Looks much better than my blueprint and is much faster to produce. Downside is that it is also visible on the inside of your wall. That can be helped though if you just make your buildings a bit wider and cover the inside of the walls either with planks/beams (like a wallpaper) or with a 2nd row of blocks.

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