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    Da hilft es, auf die offizielle Roadmap der Entwickler zu schauen, also all die Dinge, die in Zukunft ihren Weg ins Spiel finden werden:

    btw: Vielleicht sollte man die auch im Suggestions-Unterforum anpinnen...

    Ich bin momentan dabei, einen Xbox360-Controller mithilfe von JoyToKey für Rising World einzurichten. Im Prinzip muss man ja nur die Tasten belegen, aber ich melde mich, wenn ich eine zufriedenstellende Config gefunden habe.

    Im Anhang findest du einmal meine Config für JoyToKey bis jetzt. Hält man den B-Knopf gedrückt, hat man die Buildingfunktionen, also Pfeiltasten auf dem Digipad, Bild-Auf und Bild-Ab auf LB und RB usw.
    Nur das Mausrad habe ich bis jetzt noch nicht auf den Controller bekommen.


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    It might be a good idea to let the player create that one "for free" without using resources, since it's very cheap to build later on anyway.
    Another possibility would be using those bushes that drop nothing when you chop them. They don't have any use yet. I'd like to see that you can pick one or two sticks out of them like you do with cotton for example.

    Well, I just had a little thought and am expecting your opinion on that topic.
    Since there are many P&Ps out there, besides Dungeons & Dragons also some Mystery games with few to none fighting, I was thinking if Rising World would be able to be an environment for an online group. There are a lot of options for the GM/admin to set NPCs and build houses etc. to create a world for a decent adventure. Groups could use a second program like discord for example to gather and share their characters. I'm sure someone could create a dice rolling plugin to display that rolls in the chat and since the last update it seems a lot easier to create custom objects.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not interested in creating a group but for some of the players this might be an option to take their P&P experience to a new level.
    What do you think?

    I experienced a similar bug while playing cooperative. One player was missing essential parts of building or entire constructions. The other player could still see and collide with those parts. We didn't think too much of it because it's still a game in development.
    The solution of ours was quite simple: run far away until the construction site disappears then return to reload the chunk.
    We just couldn't figure out if that was a server/connection problem or a client problem.

    Which is in my opinion the better way to donate. You can gift that copy and extend the range of players. Also even if you buy via steam, the bright side is steam would recognize the game as 'trending' (to a certain degree).

    Wenn Du sehr sehr sehr sehr tief gräbst (ich empfehle einen Leiterschacht), dann wirst du früher oder später auf verdammt große Höhlen treffen. Da gibt es auch viele Schwefelvorkommen. Und mehr. ;)

    Since there is no specified thread for bug reporting I'll leave this just here.

    I observed that objects may (partly) lose their opacity and/or begin flickering when the player is touching a wall.
    When I move 1cm away from that wall everything's just fine.

    As you see below. First image is standing against a wall, second image is stand 1cm off a wall.

    FYI it's nothing that bothers me too much I just wanted developers or experienced users to know.

    I would really appreciate a list of bugs.

    Nope - but I'm sure Red has a private list somewhere though :saint:

    Yes, that seems likely. Although it is going to be kind of a struggle for him to collect them all from those different threads.
    I'd like to list them all (in a 'sticky'), so every user knows where to post their issues.
    It's also helpful for the developers to get a quick overview and see what bugs are yet unknown, uncommon and/or easy to fix.
    In the long run this benefits players as well.

    For example, I posted two things I observed into my list of suggestions as a sidenote.
    I don't even know if they got through (or what the '3 known bugs' are).

    Quote from Sir Prising

    Two issues I stumbled upon:

    • After mining ores you can place rock to refill those ores and mine them again. Don't know if that is intended.
    • If you grab a stack of items out of your inventory, place one item into a container (without placing the whole stack) and then put the stack back into your inventory, that item magically gets back into your inventory right after leaving the container.

    The server sounds perfect and I will certainly give it a look. Perhaps I need to spend a little more time practicing my buildings etc before I make a complete noob-fool of myself in front of other people though. Looking at the photos, the builders on the server are very good and make my attempts look like mud huts.

    Me and my girlfriend joined this server a couple of days ago. Though we were overwhelmed by the buildings created by the community, we spent our early days building mud huts. But you can easily get inspired by other's buildings and challenge yourself to make that mud hut look a bit fancier.
    We love those server-features like protecion of your building site although it seems almost unneccessary because of the nice and caring community. Players just want to have a fun time and want other players to do so as well.
    For us this server lifted the game experience to a whole new level.
    We'd love to see you there. ^^

    I just wanted both doors to open into the same direction. So the workaround is to place one door just as normal (closed) and the second door 'open'.
    Looks like this: _ | :D
    If you now trigger the second door it will align with the first one.
    It would be much easier if you could change the green arrow though.