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    I have been having terrible lag lately, i noticed when the lag gets bad that my Heap Memory starts flashing red. What is heap memory and how can i keep it from maxing out and turning red?

    So i have been reading about Heap memory, but not a computer guy so understanding is limited. What i am finding is that the problem is more with the program not allocating enough memory or miss using its memory allocation. If so, there is little i can do on my end to fix this problem. Am i correct in my understanding or is there anything i can do on my end to improve the performance?

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  • How much RAM do you have exactly? Maybe you can create a report file and upload it here, to do that, open the ingame console (by pressing ` or ~) and type "report", then a file called "report" shows up in your game directory (to get there, rightclick on Rising World in Steam -> Properties -> Local files -> Browse local files). Please post the file content, or alternatively upload it here ;)