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    I have been having terrible lag lately, i noticed when the lag gets bad that my Heap Memory starts flashing red. What is heap memory and how can i keep it from maxing out and turning red?

    So i have been reading about Heap memory, but not a computer guy so understanding is limited. What i am finding is that the problem is more with the program not allocating enough memory or miss using its memory allocation. If so, there is little i can do on my end to fix this problem. Am i correct in my understanding or is there anything i can do on my end to improve the performance?

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  • How much RAM do you have exactly? Maybe you can create a report file and upload it here, to do that, open the ingame console (by pressing ` or ~) and type "report", then a file called "report" shows up in your game directory (to get there, rightclick on Rising World in Steam -> Properties -> Local files -> Browse local files). Please post the file content, or alternatively upload it here ;)
  • Can also help me too? i have the same problem.
    this is my file ;

    I noticed some differences with the gillwin file, obviously my processor is smaller,
    but what struck me most is the difference in the voice :
    JVM memory used is practically half used by him but the ram bank is always 8gb
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  • @Alex74: The amount of used memory highly depends on the amount of buildings and custom images in your world (and plugins also have an impact on that, especially if they add custom models). According to the log file, you've already assigned 8 GB to the game, although the game cannot use that much RAM anyway (since your system only has 8 GB), so there is unfortunately no room for further optimizations :(
    What sort of "lag" do you experience exactly? Is the overall framerate low, or do you experience stutter/freezes? Do you play in singleplayer or multiplayer?