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    Chicken Coops! [version 0.7.4]
    Want to raise your own chickens in Rising World? This Chicken Coop plugin adds chicken coops to give players an easy way to raise their own cute and tasty chicken farm!
    How does it work?

    The main part of the chicken coop plugin is craftable at a sawmill under the "Miscellaneous" category. We started designing a chicken coop model, but we realized that we've seen the players in this community create some truly amazing works of art with this game's powerful building capabilities. We don't want to take away any freedom in creativity, so what you get when you craft the item is a simple nesting box which you can put it in your chicken coop. This way, players are still free to build their own unique chicken coops however they wish! :)

    This serves as the core of your chicken coop, so make sure you place the box somewhere you can interact with it easily.

    Afer a specified amount of time, Chickens will spawn near the coop after placing the box, up to a pre-determined maximum.
    Chickens will wander around, but will not stray too far from their coop. This means players won't need to fence-in their chickens, but may if they wish to do so.
    If you kill a chicken (presumably to eat it) a new chicken will eventually take it's place.
    After chickens are present at the coop, they will begin laying eggs in the nesting box, which can be collected by the players.

    If you wish to move the box later, or remove the chicken coop item, you can by interacting with the box and choosing "Remove" from the menu, but keep in mind this will also kill all of the chickens currently kept at this chicken coop. This is done to prevent mischievous players from spawning chicken-armies.

    Cooking update!
    Ready to do something with all those eggs now?
    First, craft a skillet at a workbench in the "Cookware" category.

    As of 0.7.4 the only surface you can put a skillet on is a cooking grill (the one that goes over a fire, not the standalone grill object.)
    I'm trying another approach to placing an object this time, the big difference you'll notice is there's no preview for placing the skillet.
    Raycasting, which is required for a preview, is an expensive operation, and I'm trying to keep the load on servers to a minimum with the plugin.
    So to place the skillet you'll have to equip the skillet, aim at a cooking grill on a "fireplace" and press the secondary action (right mouse button.)
    We used the Raycast that's already performed when a player clicks the button, in an effort to reduce the performance impact to a minimum.
    Unfortunately, you'll need to make sure the crosshairs are actually over the grill object, not between the rungs.

    We need your help!
    Play with the new update, and let us know what you think of the skillet placing method I've implemented in this update. I'd like to improve it, but your suggestions and feedback will be a great help in deciding how we can make it better. So please write back and tell us your ideas! :)

    So, once you've got a skillet on the fire, drop an egg in there! (right mouse click)
    Eggs cook fast, and burn faster! so you might want to stay with your egg while it's in the skillet.

    It'll only take about a minute for the egg to cook, look for the bright white coloring. Don't wait too long!

    Get the egg off the skillet in time, and enjoy breakfast! Goes great with bacon! :)

    So far, this has been a blast to work on. I've been working on the code, and LexiByte made us some great models and textures! That egg looks pretty tasty :)
    Let us know what you think of it so far, we love hearing feedback!

    This is an early release of a work-in-progress!
    It's not done yet. There are more features planned that haven't been implemented or debugged yet.
    Soon we will add player-protection for the coops, as right now they'll be accessible by anyone. (Added!)
    Also, as of 0.6.4 the eggs won't be good for anything but taking up inventory space. (You can eat the eggs now!)

    Options and info for server admins:
    The plugin ships with a prefs.txt file which lets singleplayer users and server admins configure a few options for the plugin. Here's a peek at what options are available:

    Code: prefs.txt
    # Adjust the values in the lines below to configure the
    # Chicken Coops plugin preferences for your server
    playerCoopLimit=2 # limit of how many chicken coops a player can have
    chickenRoamRange=12 # how far away from the coop the chickens may roam
    chickenSpawnLimit=6 # the maximum number of chickens a coop will spawn
    chickenSpawnInterval=45 # (minutes) how often a new chicken can spawn at a coop
    layEggInterval=24 # (minutes) how often an egg will be laid in the coop

    New Installs:
    Extract the contents of the zip to your plugins folder

    Updating from an old version:
    Simply overwrite the old plugin folder with the contents of the new zip file. The update should work seamlessly with data saved in the older version.
    Note: If you cuztomized your settings, you may want to back up your "prefs.txt" file before overwriting it with the one from the new zip archive.

    Known Issues:
    There seems to be a problem involving placed skillets in multiplayer, I'm looking into the problem now and will update again when I have a solution.
    - Fixed! Please update to 0.7.4 if you haven't already.

    This is an early release and is not complete yet. The download provided here is just to let players and admins play with the features as we've completed them so far. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts, opinions, or if you have any comments or suggestions! :)

    Happy chicken farming! 8)

    how about adding another kind of ammo like jack-o-lanterns too ? :evil: they could be set for different sized explosions. call it flaming jack :)

    :D I like how you think! Haha!

    Thanks for the suggestion too about version numbers and posting the plugin in the plugins thread. I think I will, but at first it was made just for giggles and I wanted to avoid double posting. But since people seem to like it, I'll make a post where people can find it easier.

    At last someone is thinking of cooking in this great game (i know its on red's plans) there is so much that can be done with a plugin like this from just making a cooking pot to boil food in to adding ingredients to make a full stew (which can restore full health) but what about being able to get salt (need to boil first) from the sea to put on your fish n chips and tomato sauce (tomatoes in a blender) :thumbsup::thumbsup: looking forward to see how this goes.

    Thanks! Those are some good ideas!
    I'll see what I can do here in the next few days, hopefully I can get some time to work on it.
    Thanks for sharing :thumbsup:


    As sharkbitefischer suggested, the plugin has been updated!
    Those who downloaded the plugin before will just have to download it again and overwrite the old one.
    The plugin now ships with a prefs.txt file which has a few options for you to configure how the firemelons work.

    Firemelons are now available in one of 4 different types:
    Hard melons - Firemelons will damage everything
    Soft melons - Firemelons damage players and npcs but not buildings or terrain
    Show melnos - Still explodes, but doesn't damage anything. (new default setting)
    Firework melons - Firemelons are crafted with fireworks instead of dynamite/tnt and have firework effects!

    If you want exciting and exploding melons without fear of possible consequences, the firework melons are probably what you want:

    Here's a peek at the included prefs.txt file:

    Feel free to let me know if you have questions or concerns!

    Anyway, go have fun blowing up some melons!

    needs to be a way to restrict the fire melons for servers that ban tnt. The ones that don't want damage :) I would love to use this on my server but desire a way to turn off the firemelon. or maybe make them like grenades, only does damage to players and npc. I think just being able to turn off the firemelon would be better though. It works well as you have it, even in multi player. Does to much damage to not be able to restrict the firemelons though.

    Thanks for the suggestion!
    We really only intended this to be a learning project for us, but yeah it would be nice to be able to customize it a bit for multiplayer servers. We'll get started on that and let you know when we have an update! I'm probably thinking we could set up a customization file for the mod, editable with a text editor, that way you could configure the plugin as you see fit. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Hi samlander!
    I just ran into the same problem.
    I wrote a quick debug plugin and dumped all of the NPC definitions to a log, and I thought I'd share it with you:

    GameInfo: NPC: 1 : pig
    GameInfo: NPC: 2 : cow
    GameInfo: NPC: 3 : goat
    GameInfo: NPC: 4 : sheep
    GameInfo: NPC: 5 : moose
    GameInfo: NPC: 6 : fox
    GameInfo: NPC: 7 : bear
    GameInfo: NPC: 8 : rabbit
    GameInfo: NPC: 9 : sheepshorn
    GameInfo: NPC: 10 : chicken
    GameInfo: NPC: 11 : elephant
    GameInfo: NPC: 13 : giraffe
    GameInfo: NPC: 14 : jaguar
    GameInfo: NPC: 16 : rhinoceros
    GameInfo: NPC: 17 : tiger
    GameInfo: NPC: 18 : penguin
    GameInfo: NPC: 19 : minipig
    GameInfo: NPC: 20 : polarbear
    GameInfo: NPC: 21 : boar
    GameInfo: NPC: 22 : deer
    GameInfo: NPC: 23 : rat
    GameInfo: NPC: 24 : snake
    GameInfo: NPC: 25 : spider
    GameInfo: NPC: 26 : spiderling
    GameInfo: NPC: 27 : bearblack
    GameInfo: NPC: 28 : goatwhite
    GameInfo: NPC: 29 : cowbrown
    GameInfo: NPC: 30 : earthworm
    GameInfo: NPC: 31 : horse
    GameInfo: NPC: 33 : camel
    GameInfo: NPC: 35 : donkey
    GameInfo: NPC: 100 : dummy
    GameInfo: NPC: 50 : skeleton
    GameInfo: NPC: 60 : bandit

    Hope this helps!

    So, My girlfriend and I decided to follow along with the potato cannon example and then this happened:

    We got around to wondering what else we could fit into a cannon to launch around the map, and set out looking for a more exciting projectile.

    Yeah, these should do.

    But then we realized cramming a melon into something designed for a potato created a certain scale problem, so we set out to create a new launcher, maybe some kind of shoulder-mounted apparatus.

    There we go.

    So a few tweaks to the source and then, Melons away!

    But why stop there?
    That was pretty fun for a few minutes, but then we started thinking, how can we make this even more exciting?
    So upon careful examination of a watermelon, we noticed they're large enough to fit all kinds of things inside, like oh say, a bunch of dynamite. We call them Firemelons!

    So we set up the ability to switch ammo types via a right click, made sure the plugin checks and consumes the type of ammo selected, and set up some timers for the newly explosive melons.
    It was finally time to go out and test.

    So there you go, we decided to make this post just to provide an example of learning by example. If you want to make plugins, follow along with the examples, and use your imagination.

    A few notes if you actually want to play with this thing:

    • Consumes ammo, which must be in an inventory slot, it won't recognize ammo in a hotbar slot. (might fix this later)

    • Secondary fire, (Right Click) to change ammo type between Watermelons and Firemelons

    • Completely untested in a multiplayer environment. Firemelons will explode and will damage players, buildings, environment, etc.

    • Firemelons have 2 firing methods. We wanted melons to explode on impact if it would hit something close enough, so we used a raycast to determine this. In this case, the melon travels more like a rocket than in a trajectory. Otherwise the "potato launch" method is used. A possible in-game explanation for this is that the item "Dynamite" has the behind-the-scenes item name "tnt." Trinitrotoluene (TNT) was introduced as a safer alternative to Dynamite which is nitroglycerin based and extremely shock-sensitive. So assuming a firemelon could use either, TNT melons would not explode on impact whereas Dynamite melons would, so long as you found a way to stabilize it so it doesn't combust before it leaves the barrel of a cannon. Good luck with that. Don't try that at home without seeking professional assistance first, preferably from a licensed behavioral therapist.

    • Use at your own risk

    • Not recommended for use indoors.

    • Aim away from face.

    Extract or move the zip contents into your plugins folder. When done it should look like this:

    Rising World
    ____└ MelonCannon.jar


    Hello Everybody!

    My girlfriend and I are working on a plugin to add somethign we feel Rising World has been missing for a while: More food and cooking!
    We mainly started this project as a self-tutorial on plugin creation in rising world usign the API, and we're enjoying working on it together.
    So here we'll share what we have so far.
    We started with Lexie's favorite dish, Fish and chips!

    Excuse the model, It's a concept placeholder for now. I spent all of five minutes in blender to make that, and we'll make a better model later. So we can craft it, and we can eat it, which restores hunger and hp like food should, so a good start so far. It doesn't heal broken bones. Yeah that's right, thus again proving I'm the clumsiest girl I know, I broke a bone while testing fish and chips (sigh.) An Improvement we'd like to make is that it's currently only craftable using specifically cooked perch, and we'd like it to be craftable with other types of fish too. We don't know if theres a way to specify a list of acceptable items for the first ingredient, or if we'll have to make separate recipes for each type of fish. We'll continue experimenting and I'm sure we'll have a solution soon enough. We'd also like to not have to go to our workshop to craft said meal at our workbench, we'd rather do it in the kitchen, which brings us to the next part of our plugin.

    New Cookware!

    We started with just a cutting board, but we plan on adding more cookware in the future. Right now we can craft the cutting board, carry it to a suitable location, and put it down on a suitable surface in the world like a kitchen counter. We're not sure how to open the crafting dialogue from the API (or if that's even possible.) If anyone has any input or suggestions they're always welcome to share with us. Following the static models example plugin as a guide, we created a database that tracks various cookware, and all cookware has attributes which identify what kind of cookware it is after it's placed in the world. If we can't use the crafting interface in the conventional sense, we have a few other ideas on how we can make it work, like possibly laying ingredients on cookware and giving it a good whack with a rolling pin which yields edible food or something. Maybe it'll be cooking with a grain of salt so to say. We'll find some way to make this happen though, so we'll keep updating as we get more time to work on it.

    Any questions, comments, or suggestions? Any yummy food you'd like us to create? Let us know, and thanks for reading! :)