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The multiplayer update for the new version is now available!

    These are nice suggestions, but we don't want to change the name of the game :D One could maybe think about a small suffix, like "Rising World HD" or "Rising World Reworked" (or maybe "Definitive Edition"), but I guess it's a good idea if we just keep the original name for now ^^

    Agree with that!

    It seems like the Alt-key always keeps its "Pressed" state if you Alt+tab to the desktop. It's apparently a bug in Unitys new Input system, at least it has been reported there before :/ Pressing Alt once fixes the issue.

    I see it was not something from default it was actualy Alt + Tab that forced the walk when pressing Alt, good to know thanks!

    Really glad to see that you added aswell snow textures for the cut tress!

    Unfortuantely it's still not possible to remove paint :| We're thinking about adding a special item for that (maybe sand paper)?

    red51 This is just an ideea, what about a Wire Brushes as a paint removal?

    This will actualy fit in all ages, you can have one with the handle made of wood for medieval age and one totaly of Steel for advanced ages maybe

    Or if you want to go further a Pressure Washer for advanced ages just saying...

    Currently we're mostly staying away from the asset store. We took a look at some assets but most of them aren't really suitable for a game like RW (procedural voxel world with multiplayer). We would give away too much control by using them, so we decided to create most stuff from scratch ;)

    Very interesting indeed, It will be really nice to hear/see in the near future how your unity infinite terrain will going to handle the Splines for rivers/lakes and stuff like that, Objects like randomly dungeons above ground and underground, and also the Biomes.

    We haven't had a vacation last year (except the days between Christmas and New Year), so no, unfortunately that doesn't work. However, if you have any specific questions about development, feel free to ask :)

    Actually our workflow differs very much from the standard authoring way in Unity. Just like the Java version, almost everything is done programmatically (except things like animations, textures etc)

    When i heard that the game is going with Unity i was thinking if you are going to take the asset aproach that is offered in Unity Store like Map Magic 2 for infinite world, Digger Pro for digging and also MicroSplat to cut the time that it will take to actualy get the game to Unity, i am a bit curious, have you guys build everything from scratch or more to say migrated from Java once you moved to Unity?

    I don't like the change any time approach at all. It's not immersive and out of the usual way rising world acts.

    Change shape on a working bench... Yes. Change in inventory... No.

    That's good at 7d2d where you need to build fast and efficient while fighting for your life. But in rising world it would be like using a drone to put a brick ib place on your castle wall. It doesn't fit, in my opinion

    Exactly... i like how the java rising world is handling stuff, you want to craft something use that specific bench to craft it.

    Separate items for every individual shape its the way it should be as official java Rising World, keep the game immersion dont trow it away.

    I really like what i saw in the new demo version so far like how the snow is covering all the vegetation/grass and even some of the "objects" like the big rocks.

    I do take in consideration that this is a demo and you might already think about adding the following but here are my 2 suggestion i contemplated during this demo play time for trees/vegetation.

    Suggestions, please implement snow textures for the tress that are cut in pieces aswell.

    Suggestions, please implement hiting tree efects, for example when the tree is covered in snow and you hit it then a bit of snow will fall when hitting the tree, for other seasons there can be

    small branches and leaves falling down when hitting a tree, i know there is already 1 effect in place when a tree is cut and falls to the ground there will be a bunch of leaves falling down afterward.

    I still want to see more about the seasons and how everything will blend out because ones of my favorites seasons are Winter and Autumn, cant wait to see the colorful Autumn in the future updates!

    I really want to see the world alive and such details like those can make the player immersed in the game, for example such little things like the footprints can add so much realism to the game and i thank you for adding them!

    This new verison of the game is gona be really nice to play... i just cant wait to get my hands on it!

    red51 in the survey by monsters you mean Skeletons? or monsters in general?

    First of all i want to mention this, if is possible weapons should be random given to every enemy in the game, they should also use clothes specific to that biome, this will add an extra variety to the game aswell.

    Bandits... I will like to see them like in the original game but with more variety of them and jobs.

    Patrols - Common, similar to the original where those bandits are just patrols and walking around.

    Camp Stationary - Rare, bandits that will be found in a camp that will protect some loot and a boss bandit maybe?

    Cannibals... Similar to the bandits, but you will find them in some specific biomes like jungles.

    Skeletons... Similar to the original where you find them in tombs or temples but with a more variety of them, only bones, bones and flesh, bone and riped clothes, bone and flesh and riped clothes... you get the point.

    Vampires and Werewolf, really rare to find... making silver bulets or arow heads from silver to be able to kill them and such.

    For animals monsters i can list a ton of them like, big bats for caves, spiders too... for jungle like big snakes like anacondas for some rivers crocodiles and so on... i like the world to be dangerous but also fun to explore.

    And all of those should be like in the original game, if you dont want a specific thing you should be able to not use it on your map by just presing 1 click.

    For the melting back the plates and rods to ingots i dont even mind using the existing furnaces, teleports like portals should be just used in main cityes not for every day use to tp from one place to another whenever you want, let say i have a main city at 0 0 then another main city at 10000 10000 then both cityes will be conected to a fast travel system once you let say explored that city atleast once on that specific character you will be able to use that city teleport, maybe using some kind of runes to activate the teleports that you will find in the world something similar to dungeon lords if i remember corectly back in the days...

    I did not mentioned anything about crafting, i like how the crafting its working for rising world.

    In a infinite generated world there needs to be some kind of fast travel to the game, i did not played Fallout 4 sorry.

    Wow i really like the backpack example plugin, this needs to be part of the base game but we need to have it as a cloth equiped not in our inventory great work!