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    You have to hold it in your hands, then just press the right mouse button ;)

    red51 hahaha brilliant ! , i must have button bashed every key on my keyboard thinking it has to be one of these, i had it in my hands pressing hotkeys to open inventory still nothing and i'm thinking what am i missing here it has to be something simple and its just me being stupid :crazy::drunk:turns out i was being stupid as holding it in my hands and pressing right mouse button was the only thing i didnt do :D:D:D another Rising World lesson learned. Thanks again red51 Topman !!! :thumbup:

    red51 thanks for the reply, the 2nd Backpacks file is created automatically when i extract the data from the original , it was something i noticed but thought it was supposed to happen and would not cause a problem as i have changed nothing, so what action should i take ? every time i have extracted the data it creates this file so i'm not sure what is going wrong, why is this 2nd Backpacks file being created i do not understand ?

    red51 ok scratch that, my bad !!! , i moved the files that were extracted back into the Backpacks file as you stated and they are now in my workbench. Thankyou for the help and sorry for any confusion, ill take note of this step as maybe this will be of use for other plugins but my Backpack will do just fine for now woooohooooo :D:thumbup: thank you for a great little plug in too :thumbup:

    Che82 The plugin folder should just be called "plugins" (lower case), although that doesn't matter on some operating systems. Also make sure to also extract the "assets" folder from the zip. So your folder structure should look like this:

    | |__...

    red51 thanks for your quick reply, Ok i deleted all files from my Plugins folder and renamed it plugins in lower case to eliminate any conflict, I then downloaded the 1st and extracted all files checking all the files for any extractions that were left out or missed and found no others, I then started my game loading into my save game and went into the workbench to check but still found nothing, i closed the application and restarted, loaded up again checking the workbench but still nothing.

    Hi, sorry to bring up and old post again, im new to Rising World and wanted to try the plugins but start at the very basic ones to learn how it works etc i've created a new file in my Rising World folder called Plugins then downloaded this backpack plugin into that folder, ive extracted the files so I now have the .jar file as stated in an earlier comment above and it is in the correct path also :>steamapps> common> RisingWorld> Plugins> Backpacks , I loaded my save game up and looked for the Backpack in the workbench but I cannot find it. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong and why its not in the workbench, i've tried deleting previous downloads of the plugin a few times and tried a fresh downloads again but I cannot get it to work. Any help would be appreciated. :thinking: