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A new Update is now available for the new version!

    I dont get what he means by there are no scripts provided If he looked there are at least 2 main scripts right now that will help and improve servers. There's the AreaProtection Script that Red mention and another one called Z-Script that acts like the source plugin for valve games. Just gives you more advanced Admin Tools like banning and server announcements and soon. Another one similar to Z-Script called h0tstuff Script! Money Script to give players money not sure if its still in the works or still working have not tested it yet...As I read the translate for the money script it is in brainstorm/idea mode still I am sure it will happen by someone eventually.

    As the title says it I would like someone to make a script where you can select your entire area and remove it so you don't have to destroy it one by one. I would take a look at the area protection script maybe just modify that so it can remove all the objects in that red area instead of creating it :).

    Like i mentioned in another post the only other option I did was turn my nVidia Graphic Card fan up to 50% just in case it was getting to hot to play the game. I did get a memory issue I pasted that on pastebin but it was only for an hour lol. Shouldn't have memory issues because im running 16gigs of ram and 2gigs of ram in my card. Try turning up your fan speed in your graphic card if you have that option most cards should have a system tools on their website if its not all ready installed. I would not turn it all the way up maybe 50% max just to be safe so you don't blow out your fan.

    The only other thing I did was Turn Up my fan speed in my nVidia graphic card. Do you have an option to do this? I turned mine up just in case it was getting to hot playing the game for awhile. Usually the fan speed by default is set to 10% i pushed mine to 50% any higher it may burn the fan out I think lol.

    On an advanced note if you see 4 ports for Java(TM) Platform SE binary delete 2 you only need to have 2 enabled. This may cause the conflict also...

    Inbound Rule:

    Java(TM) Platform SE binary TCP ALL PORTS
    Java(TM) Platform SE binary UDP ALL PORTS

    There should be one for TCP with all ports open and one for UDP with all ports open. Also you should have the Programs and Services Tab with the following folder/file added.
    Make sure you have the bubble This program checked to place the file.

    Programs and Services Tab:

    C:\program files (x86)\java\jre1.8.0_31\bin\java.exe

    What I meant was if the server is glitched out because it hasn't been restarted in a few days. People will spawn and there would be copies of those players so 1 person will be at there house and the copy at spawn or where ever on the map. So when I type in goto personnamehere I always seem to go to the copy and not the actual player. I have not tried the tp playernamehere command however isn't it similar?

    @TheSaviour if its your Java crashing the game or just randomly disconnecting you from servers. Go into your Windows Firewall and make sure the Java is enabled to do so right click on the Java in the Inbound Rule and click on Enable Rule. This helped me because the game kept crashing because some reason my java wasn't enabled. Also if you have 4 copies of the java like 4 ports that say Java TM on them delete 2 of those and keep the ones that are enabled. Could be causing the conflict...

    Problem with the teleporting all though it proves to be a handy tool it does seem to conflict with the game. For example if the game glitches out on servers and you are trying to teleport and you realize there are copies of that player you are teleporting to it will teleport to that copy all the time. So either its a bug in the code or a bug in the game code that should be looked at either way. Also I was wondering if it was possible to add a restart function for the server yet because when being an admin on someone else server and it gets buggy or glitched and the owner isn't around it would be nice to restart it.

    Its weird no one provided you with the beta update even though it is listed on the forum. But if you are playing the game full screen and crashing enable the beta fix. This supposedly fixes most of the full screen crashes. To do so in steam just click on your Game Library/Right Click Rising World/Click Properties/Click Beta Tab and Choose the Nightly Build for Full Screen. May make you restart steam...

    Well I know the game is coded in Java mostly that's why I thought client side the ports were not open for the game to use java. like I said this is not a 100% fix I just know it worked for me and I rarely disconnect so far I have not disconnected since I did all these patches or fixes. I just have all my stuff on the game set to default and ports opened up for the game including servers for the game. Everything seems to be working 100% hopefully it stays this way. I would get disconnected every hour but so far its looking like its not the case anymore.

    Not a problem. Lots of people have this disconnect error for online play. Doesn't happen if you are the host only to others. It kept saying it was a client side error so I just dug into my firewall see what is going on.

    Do you get that annoying disconnect bug in the game? Do you wish you could fix it...
    Well this might help you...below this may or may not work for everyone. I just know it
    seems to help me alot I can stay on for hours now and get stuff made.

    To enable Ports in your Windows Firewall do the following...

    • Click on start menu
    • Click on Control Panel
    • Click on System and Security
    • Click on Windows Firewall
    • Click on Advanced Setting -Located on the left menu
    • Click on Inbound Rules -Located on the left menu
    • Locate Java(TM) Platform SE binary -Make sure those ports are enabled
    • To enable Rick Click and choose Enable Rule

    Give your computer a few mins to settle the ports then try out the game.
    This worked on my end if it doesnt work on yours I am not sure what is
    causing this error at this time. Below are images of the step by step
    setup for Windows Firewall Ports.

    Image Link:

    If you need this translated please ask someone to do so I am not a good translator :D .