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    Ha ha ha ha Wunderbar ! I guess that it must be because the server is, in some kind of way, considering that the player is reconecting when he eats ... thats really strange and thanks for reporting me this bug, I'll disable this message until I found from where it comes.

    Stealth : you mean, the fact that you are tping to a position where theres nobody ?
    That's also strange and its a bug already known by the dev. Dont know if its still bugged ! :/

    Quick update, I've found a really stupid bug on the /tp and /tp2 functiuns (some stupid stuff about local variables ...), I've retested evrything, I've no error when running all of the commands. However, as I'am trying it alone, I dunno if it's working well (I mean really TP you !), need feedback dudes ! :D

    Game update, and Zcript update too ! I've re-organized the code for easier understanding, and changed some commands :

    Here's a quick changelog !

    • The TP command now works fine !!!
    • /tp can now be used using a name or an ID. This command teleport the admin to a player position
    • /tp2 can now be used using a name or an ID. This command teleport the target (the playerID or name) to the admin
    • /help now list sub help categories
    • /ahelp list all functions only usable by admin
    • /zhelp list all functions only usable by regular player

    The /help and sub help became necessary due to the number of commands that will soon be added (group management system) which will be listed under /ghelp. This will come really really soon !!! Stay tuned :D

    I've edited my first post with new link. Hope you'll enjoy it :D

    Bien joué ! c'est super propre ! :D Malgré tout l’intérêt que je porte au jeu, je serais incapable de construire un truc aussi grand, j'aurais jamais la foi, ni la patience ! Vraiment bien ! GG :D Tu connais un peu du monde dans la communauté FR de Rising World ?

    Yes, and I'm sure that when the wiki will be released the script's community is going to do a lot of great thing, IMAO. And Zigvt85, actually, Zcript is similar to h0tstuff more than the opposite, I've based my work 100% on h0tstuff ^^ For the monet system, that is going to be super interesting ! It could be a really great tool !

    I'm glad you find it usefull ! Stay tuned, I'll keep updating the script to add more functions. If you have any idea of functions you want to be added, just let me know !

    Is there anyone willing to give me some advice/help about SQL ? I'm trying to work on group management, and I'm working with some DB, but as I am quite a n00b on SQL, I could really use some export's help :D Thanks !

    Whut ?did u mean "is there a benefits" ? If you mean that, then I'll say that there's no big deal, there's just a few more functions, feel free to look at the post about it (on my signature there is a link) and dont hesitate to ask (be aware, you cant use h0tstuff and Zcript in the same time ! )

    Yeah it happens only when someone disconnect here too !

    Did you get this message if you have no script enabled ? I got the same when I'm testing my script on my server, and I was believing it came from the script (as I see you're using h0tstuff, and my script is based on it too, so this could be related ^^)

    Well actually french and spanish (and italian and some others) are latin languages, they have the same roots. English, if I'm not wrong is, like the German, a germanic language.

    Theorically then, english should be closer to german than french ^^ but even if i'm not tooo bad in english, german still looks so strange to me xD

    Ca serait assez sympa de pouvoir discuter entre français en effet, mais y a pas forcément besoin d'une section de forum entier. Juste un espèce de tag, comme il en existe deja pour l'anglais et l'allemand ;)