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    Glad to ear it :D

    I'm actually working on adding new functions, like a group management system. If you guys got any idea, if you want something to be added in the script, please, tell me so I can think about it and work on it :D

    I've made a quick update since I've found some errors in my tp function. The version now available on GitHub and MediaFire is working fine and have been tested by two different clients, on both Windows and Linux dedicated server. Prana, is it still not working ? :/

    Did you type the command on the chat or into the game console ?

    All thoose command have to be typed in the chat directly ;)

    Plus, there's a few things I've forgot to mention (compatibility issues mainly) that I'll add right now in my first post ;)

    /!\ If you take it from Git or if you just want to help me improve the script, there's now on Git two branch for the project : the master, which's the clean/working/stable version of the script, and a WIP branch, with all the stuff I'm working on for now. Be aware, the script in the WIP branch might not work at the moment you fork it ! Thanks !

    French version :

    Hi there !

    First of all, a big big thanks to h0tw1r3 for his incredible work on his script ! This has been an awesome work-base ! Cheers dude ! Then, a huge thanks to Red51 who answered my questions about the in-game functions, thanks :D

    I'm presenting you Zcript, which is an improvement of h0tw1r3's h0tstuff. All of the command of h0tstuff are packed in, I've just added a few new ones. Here's the list of the functions (with in blue the new ones).

    IMPORTANT : As this is an improvement of the Hotstuff Script, Zcript isn't compatible with HotScript. Indeed, I'm using the same /help command, so, it might create some kind if conflict !

    Logging (to console) :

    • All commands entered / attempted
    • All chat messages with date

    Commands :

    • /ban <player> <duration in minutes (-1 permanent)> <reason>
      Extends built-in by allowing offline players to be banned.
    • /unban <player>
    • /setmotd <message> (admin only)
    • /setwelcome <message> (admin only)
    • /yell <message> (admin only)
    • /last [player]
    • /whisper <to> <message>
    • /help (list the different help you can have : ahelp, zhelp, soon ghelp)
    • /ahelp (all command for admin)
    • /zhelp (all command for regular player
    • /kill <playerID or name> (admin only)
    • /tp <playerID or name> (admin only)
    • /tp2 <playerID or name> (admin only)
    • /pos (return the position of a player with 3 axis : X,Y,Z)
    • /kick <player ID> <reason> (admin only)

    System notifications :

    • player connect (player is connecting)
    • player spawn (player joined the world)
    • player disconnect (player disconnected)
    • player died
    • player banned
    • player killed by admin

    Other :

    • Prefix chat message with player names
    • Colorise messages / chat
    • Date / time prefix for chat and most messages

    No more MediaFire : now, direct download from the LordFoobar global RW repo :…-tools/archive/

    Updated GitHub (now on the RisingWorld GitHub by LordFoobar :

    Feel free to post evry suggestion in this post.

    For bug reports, please send me a private message, or send it on GitHub.

    I will work on adding more functions soon, some kind of a group management system probably, and more functions as soon as the wiki will be released !

    Enjoy :thumbsup:

    The /kill is fully working, and so is the /tp. However, it seems that the setPlayerPosition function I'm using isn't working as expected, wainting for Red51 to tell me a lil bit more about it ! :)

    Edit : script online [SCRIPT] Zcript

    You can create a database through your LUA script, and onPlayerConnect you get the ID, put it in the DB, same on disconnect : you get the ID, you delet the DB lign that match this ID

    This way you have a db with only connected player in

    Hi people !

    Okay, here's my problem. I got this code :

    Obviously, I call tp this way : tp(event.player, target) // target is obviously a playerObject
    And the problem is in the code as commentary. I dont know why but the setPlayerPosition effectively change my position (at least when I try to print it) but my character didn't move ...

    Any idea?

    For the documentation for Rising World datastructures, it should be soon available (I hope soooo much ^^)

    You can also add something like :

    There's a lot of event you can use ;)

    Hi, I'm working with liberodark on the script, and we have plenty of idea !

    Like libero said, I've implemented two function so far /kill and /tp, basically, /kill reduce the health of a player to 0, and /tp teleport you to the position of an other player. We're right now trying to solve some issues with the /kill command, which kill the player you want to kill (if you're log as an admin of course) but also crash the game ^^' not that helpfull eh ? I'm trying to find what I did wrong ;)

    I'll post the script as soon as it'll be working fine !