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    It is a kown bug that you can fall through the ground, devs are working on it

    It seems to be the top right mesh and I'm seeing rock sprites glitch through in wireframe and roll off. Could it be an ambiguous marching cubes case colliding with the camera or the top of the layer bounding box (And sprites)? Too obvious.…d/MarchingCubes/algo.html

    Hopefully the devs are well aware of that type of hole. The catch is that there are few solutions that don't increase the memory and processing load.

    I got talking about the problem in my most recent letaplay and blam I was in the world. Nice view. Perfect timing and a pure accident. I panicked and called F2 F1 twice!
    ttps:// about 1 minute in.
    Its happened a few more time off camera and its definitely head high not under the 'feet'. Why does this happen in every alpha voxel world?

    I also noticed that if you get down to a one point/ vertex the resulting diamond is asymmetrical.It should not be longer in one direction if the mesh goes to the middle of the edge. Strange. ?(

    I'd love to see the code but my dyslexia would probably just make it into a jumble of letters like most text.

    Currently RW is only planned to a survival game. So far there is no survival. The only damage you can take is by falling and that can be avoided with F2. Hopefully soon our hopes and dreams will come true. We shall see and cross our fingers in the meantime hehe

    Are you happy now that you're slowly starving.

    One fictional back story I thought of is a world where magic is the norm and technology is seen as pseudoscience and dangerous quackery. The player is a technology user hunted for his beliefs. A refugee that's been burned out when they found the machinery. You need to rebuild, hide you cogs and motors better. Find others like you and build an enclave strong enough to stand against the magic luddites and their goblin foot soldiers. It might work in this world but magic and story are both hard work.

    I'm not sure how you mix and balance bears, goblins, bandits and gun wielding highwaymen. Its the greatest challenge in this game. Mirror mobs as ZaCormyr moted is a nice idea. When you make a gun they get a gun.
    You could do biomes or zones with key resources and technological enemies matching the value of the resource. You want niter for you munitions you have to brave the 'highland's of dor' with its gun wielding goons with only a sword and a bow in your hands. Once you have your niter make that gun so the next time is easy.

    -I noticed that the grill/smoker/bbq all require iron to make (which make sense). I was wondering if there might be some sort of 'lower tech' versions to fit with a more primitive/medieval theme?

    If were going to have a pre-iron age start we may need this.

    You could grill bacon on a top slab. Stone grill for the fire should be easy.

    Like this but with a slate plate.…#Three-stone_cooking_fire

    As with minecraft we will probably only use these at the start before going iron age so a convincing stone and iron age is nice but don't send too much time and money on it.

    If you want to play the stone age then try crystal dragons vantage simulation.
    I die early and often in this one.
    I should do a letsplay on it. No voxels though and very limited building.

    It probably should be noted that the dev's company is called KISS, keep it simple stupid, and that the original project name translated dream house. This is a technical team not fiction writers. Their keeping their options open and focusing on the bugs. Make it work, make it fun, then make up a cool story that sews it all together. Don't get locked into a specific path early by the lore and monster choices. How many games have made that mistake.

    I also killed a cow and it fell into a very deep gully /valley leaving not enough visible to select her. I dug her out got the beef but something prevented me using the mouse wheel in the inventory/ hide body context menu to get 'hide body'. The grass seemed to wave into the selection field interacting with the mouse and interrupting the context menu. The cow despawned later anyway.

    OK burning bacon and beef works! Oups. :whistling: Melon spawn in explored areas if you go away from them long enough to do a chunk redraw of them and harvest a melon. Tested on a normal and surreal.

    Pigs and cows seem to be indestructible if you hit their right sides with the axe. Is that intended? They also turn right so you're always attacking that side unless you run fast and flank them on the left or trap them in a corner.

    Got lost twice looking for melons. ?( A compass that points north is useful but a gadget that indicates the direction of your current mark would be also good. Perhaps an astrolabe should be added. Aim at the sky and it glows when you're facing the mark. A craftable mark / marker instead of the cheat mark might be a good idea.

    I've done a starting play through showing some basics. The playlist its on will have a second episode soon and a thirds in editing. I made a rough attempt to explain marching cubes and the third or fourth will analyze the falling through the world problem because I do that conveniently. =O
    Part 1 is here.

    You can show this one to your mum. I don't swear. :thumbsup:

    Something like this would work.
    Its real technology tree in the real world.

    I also have my own techtree ideas.
    In a game build I would have a caste: 2 Dirt, 1 plank, 1 stick, 1 'hard to get material' in right clicked on a charged furnace. Casts valves, bearings,gears and screws.
    Plate bender: 8 plates, 1 metal block, 1 bearing, 1 screw. bends plates to complex shapes for technologies.
    Unpowered Metal drill. My father has one of these: 1 metal block, 1 screw, 3 bent plates, 3 gears, 1 plate.…orking-white-33874498.jpg

    We could merge these into a metal workers rig. with the drill recipe.

    A wire drawing machine or attachment would give you wires, wire cable, fencing wire.
    A lodestone, natural magnet, plus several wire, + pitch or plastic gives you electrical technology.

    An induction furnace and a etched silicon gives you the high technology stuff.
    I would add rare earths and toxic chemicals as subsoil ores that make advanced materials. Both would need refining.

    Add in black sand, titanium and red clay, Bauxite = aluminium and you up to the 21 century. Both should require toxic chemicals to process and a lot of power.

    Drink? We have cows and goats. Who needs to worry about water so early though I have posted a suggestion on that.
    Add a dairy bucket Milcheimer [hopefully google translate did not get that wrong].
    1 plank, 1 stick, 2 short rods, = 1 dairy bucket. Gives milk if right clicked on cow and goat with a chance that they will run off giving nothing. Wild cows do that. One would be as thirst quenching [reducing] as an apple.

    Another thing that would be useful is a pruning hook. This gets apples from trees without chopping them down. It may also get pine cones from pines: with one pine cone producing 5 edible seeds that restore only one food point each. Pruning hook in the anvil add 2 sticks in the crafting table.

    Should be a little longer than the one in the picture.
    To stop both being overused add a score of 5 to the player expended when each is used, at zero 0 it stops working until you sleep.

    I keep seeing people using cheat commands in the videos and clearly its not all dev's. Has anyone got a list up? Besides F2 I can't find any of a magic hotkey, the right syntax or whether its turned off. I have got stuck in interesting situations where F2 was my only way out so I have used that a lot. You can fall so far that on lower draw distances you can't see which way is up. lol. Shift ... nothing ...shift ... Is this working? Wait I see tree roots. I'm saved! If you place stone and dirt blobs too close the marching cubes world mesh updates with you on the wrong side of iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. And down you goooooooo. ?( You can't place block close just blobs of mined stone and dirt. :thumbup:

    If biomes are properly implemented then game could have surface monsters while still allowing a non monster gameplay. Adding an expensive craftable item that despawns monster type A and spawns monster type B in its place could allow the player to choose the genre. Play balance and immersion are broken if you're building a modern mansion and a horde of medieval goblins attack it. (Perhaps all the modern stuff will count as placeholders for magic stuff later one.) A robust peaceful mode will help resolve the debate I suspect. I wish I could read german now. Missing so many answer in english.

    Your welcome. Note my idea is not designed to be a big build but a behind the scenes tool. We don't need to create the huge structures of the matrix movie or anything. The virtual world is advanced nanotechnology. Its a giant network of tiny nano-computers. It could be a tree, a rock, an ore or a whole mountain. It could be a whole biome.
    I just had a go at the surreal world type, throw in some alien looking materials replacing the stone of the upper peaks and spikes and your half there.

    Lore or back story will be a challenge because we have both preindustrial and industrial blocks, furnishings and some technology, i.e. the lights.
    I have an idea that merges low technology and high technology, dungeons and cyberspace. Hopefully it translates into german ok on google translate.

    For thousands of years what was once called humanity has lived in virtual reality. Billions of uploaded minds in a thousand virtual worlds. We were free from the limits of reality, disembodied immortals of immense power living our dreams and fantasies. The earth was mostly restored to pristine wilderness with a few museum sites preserved.
    Yet somethings gone wrong, memories, identities and personalities are being deleted. For a hundred years tens of thousands have worked on a finding and fixing the problem but it can't be fixed from the inside. Fixers: Robots and biological constructs have been sent out to look for the problem but even they have failed and what ever the cause is, its sent them insane.
    Now its up to us. A few brave souls venturing out into the dangers of reality. We must survive, rebuild technology, and raise the world to the level of technology where we can interact with the advanced, near magical, nano-technology that supports our virtual universe.
    Rise from the dream. Believe in reality. Build!

    This allows a zero start resource base, all technology levels. All kinds of monsters the devs or modders want including fantasy creatures: the robots and biological constructs sent out were far from human. It allows dungeons which are a mix of historical buildings that were maintained for a while, lairs, places constructed and occupied by the mad fixers, alien or ghostly hordes: others that were also sent out but choose non human forms and PvP for some do not agree with your goal or path.
    Many of the missing personalities are out here lost, confused and angry. Some do not even believe in reality. Some are powerful. It also allows a boss enemy that wants to destroy the virtual realities and our rebuilding process.

    No one has had a backstory where the matrix is the the thing you're trying to save and technology has gone backwards. Where reality itself is the threat and the only hope.

    Hopefully the devs will use this and give me some credit for it.

    Technically Iron does not crystallize in an oxygen environment. The closest thing to crystals would be seams of Iron stone (the wealth of sweden is thanks to Ironstone). Its not nearly pure as iron oxide rust or iron ore but its more common in European latitudes. Another source of surface iron are meteoritic iron, the sword excalibur was made from this. Its called star stone historically. Often these iron meteorites can be pure steel.
    The two other iron forms are bog iron, found where ground water springs brings iron to the surface from iron ore deep below. Then there's iron ore itself which is rare on the surface it wet climates but are found on the surface in deserts and cold mountains. I suspect realism is not the goal of the game designers, more realistic that mincraft but not hard realism.

    Historically stone picks are very rare. The stone-age progression found in the archeology is antler pick; deer or moose, copper picks and a hammer stone with the picks and chisels lasting only about 10 to 30 blows before they needed replacing or reforging at an anvil. The pyramid builders probably had one smith going flatout to keep 3 to 6 masons supplied with sharp copper chisels.
    If we don't start out with the iron tools of today this may be an idea particularly in hard mode. :D

    In a game sense we could treat both antler picks and copper picks like ammunition for a mason/ miners hammer. One deer or moose should produce 5 to 10 picks and one copper chunk 4 or so chisels. Both should stack up to 30 or more and be used up automatically like ammo producing blint picks and chisels. Turn blint antlers into other things. Reforge the chisels. This level of realism should be tolerable because we will be progressing to iron fast.

    Historically most stone mining was done with wedges. Logs were also split to planks and beams too using wedges. A pioneer without a good supply of hardwood or iron wedges was a dead pioneer. They would be used in sets (again like ammo) 8 or so per block or log and they should yield stone blocks or planks directly. Again they should stack.

    If you want a little historical realism and a hard start this should be fun and new but once you've made your sawmill they are forgotten in a dusty box.
    See my Archaeology course at uni was useful after all. ;)