ABM Keeping Tamed Animals At Home?

  • I know how to use ABM to get animals to follow me home and how to put them on a leash. Even how to breed them.

    However, can I fence off an area and realistically expect the tamed animals to not wander off if they are not leashed? To not get through the fences?

    I can leash them and they will just stand in the same place but would like to put them in a fenced pasture and let them wander inside the fenced area without them getting out and away.

    Thank you.

  • They said that the issue of animals walking through walls should be fixed. I haven't noticed weather it has changed or not but it was supposed to be. Also if you just have the animal stop following you, there is supposed to be a 20 block radius that they roam. As I remember it, you use the rolling pin on an owned animal to have it follow and when you use it to stop following, it places the animal on a 20 block distance leash of sorts, or teather. not to be confused with the leashing function that makes the animal stay in place. You can also call all your animals back to where you had them stop following you by the /abm warphome all command or an admin can call everybodies animals home with /abm warpallhome as I remember.

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