Please use the opportunity!

    We've posted a status update with some first screenshots of the new terrain generation. There is also a new update available for the Java version!

    • Please use the opportunity!

      I really like the graphics of Rising World and the screenshots of the the new graphics look a little bit different...
      As example the grass looks way to short, especially the longer grass was such beautiful!
      Furthermore please add a forest soil instead of grass in the forest with different forest plants. (forest soil has leafs on the ground and is brown with some moss and small bushes)
      Please use the chance to create a more real life environment. Go into the real forest make some photos and buy a book for nature plants, just an advice...)
      Create special places like paintings like different rock structures and indivdual trees here and there with different characteristic views. Search for special places and nature and rebuild them. Vary them for the random generator that one image with its special beauty is there with many varities. And everybody likes details... (like a mushroom here and there and different small objects on the ground like tree trunks and different undergrowth

      This is just my point of view and just a suggestion!
      Because now you have the chance to make the the graphics even better and more beautiful as they are in the actual game!