Please add more plants for cooking and for creating healing items!

A new status update as well as a first preview video of the new version are now available!
  • There should be different real life plants which can be used for different recipes. There should be a nutrient system that you need to eat different things not just watermelones as example and if you cook something it has the biggest effect.
    These plants should have a different rarity. Some grow in big groupes, some in small and some grow for their own.
    You have different recipes to heal, cure illness and for eating. The more rare a plant is, the more strong is it. If you drink dirty water which you havent cook before or raw meat or mouldy stuff, you should get ill: The effect of illness: You loose health more and more and your sprinting gets slower and slower.
    Water should be also different purity, the water which is more rar like small springs should have a good purity, but the the best one has water from a well.
    Please add more real life plants which you can use and some bigger and smaller rocks and rock groupes and mushrooms.


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