Map backup

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  • Hello, It seems that every time I modify my configuration file on my server all the "explored" areas of mine and all other players on the map is gone and has reverted to brand new or unexplored. Is there a way to back up the map prior to changing the config. file? And why would just changing the config file wipe it out?

    Owner of the Antagoria Server
  • changing the name of the server is what does it. and you can copy the old maps from the old name's folder into the new names folder and you will get the map back. or it might be easer just to rename the old map folder to the new folder's name and you have it. the trick is to use the largest sized folder and change it to the new name. the map folder will appear about the same cause it is named after the world folder but pay attention to the numbers behind the name. They will be different.