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    The only problem I have with it is the fact that people can come on and "buy" areas all over the place with no constructive purposes. Like you claim a nice area with 12 areas. Then some jerk comes on and buys all around your claim to box you in. Or they come in and random "buy" areas in a chaotic manor. that's why I use the "Area Protection" plugin and since claim owners can select permissions, it makes it easier and safer to players.

    I was exploring in the dessert and came upon a black rhino. I don't recall them being an option to spawn. I tried to spawn one but it gave an error. Is the Rhino an Easter egg red put in? :)

    see here: Custom NPC How To

    I have seen the video and it only has a few commands. What I am looking for is the commands to dress the bandits with all potential clothes. I was on a server where a bandit was wearing a plaid shirt and a head garment with a flashlight. At this time, i can only dress a bandit with Tux pants and a M14. I would like to customize a bandit with military's clothes or any other attire that the loom creates.

    The current npc are only in the java version, which will not get an update anymore.

    Also the npc were just place holders and never got finished. I'm confident the new version will get npc as well and much more fleshed out ones.

    Maybe with a dressing room ;)

    Do you know the command list to redress bandits?

    Since there is a way to create a NPC dummy that wears the same clothes you do, yet you need to editnpcclothes to reclothe a bandit, why cant a check box be added to the editnpc box that makes the dummy "hostile" or "Peaceful". That way you can edit your NPC's easily and with less time consuming searching for console commands that exist somewhere but people will not share.

    Does anyone have a list of the commands of changing hostile NPC's clothes? I know you can spawn a bandit.......lock the "editnpcclothes <item>". However, the only command I have is "editnpcclothes tux_jacket" (so he is wearing a tux jacket) Is there a list I can refer to with all the clothes, hats, weapons? I would like to have hostile NPC's dressed in pirate costumes, or Military, or even old west for my server. Thanks!

    "Port triggering" is usually not sufficient (depending on the type of router you have), you have to set up Port forwarding rules instead. Make sure to forward ports 4254, 4255, 4256, 4257, 4258 and 4259 TCP and UDP.

    After setting forwarding the ports, you can find out if it works by starting the server, then entering the ports in question on this page:

    I found the port forwarding section and here is the ports set up: Also, is the IP address correct? It wont let me put in my normal IP address, so I put in a router IP address. I started the server and then tried the tool you supplied and it still says they are all closed.

    I did have an IP listed in the server_ip and I deleted it and that seem to have fixed it. However, how long will it take before the server is showing up?

    I have attached the log here.


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    My old server had quests people could do called "treasure Hunts". I was asking if people could write a plugin where i could make "notes" that could be found all around or inside chests that had clues on them on where to go or have a riddle on them. No one wanted the money I guess I was going to pay to have them do it. So I made it where people had to bust through walls, rock, dirt, etc. in order to read the next clue on a wall. The prize was 64 of every ore, steel tools, saddles and other goodies. An added bonus of protected land mass that was the size of an entire map page. (600 X 600). It wasn't an easy task because you had to follow paths or go into caves to find your next clue. It had its dangers like Bandits, bears, boars, skeles and other NPC's. I was trying to make it sort of like an "Ever Quest" style of quests because it made you roam large areas and had to fight and face danger. I also created areas that were beautiful that were not claimed so people could of found the best plot of land they could of had. Some people complained that it was too hard because they didn't want to die or work hard at it to get the prize. Even though you kept ALL your inventory on death, they must of thought my server was a socialism type government where they get everything for free and didn't want to work for it. lol.

    Down the mountain to the right, is the testing area with guns, bottles, a megaphone and extra picks. Practice your aim by shooting the bottles off the wall and explore the brick structure to see groovy game making things.

    I'm sure this would be a lot of work but, it would be cool if you could choose your own time period. Like Jurassic days with dinosaurs, thick vegetation and volcanos, Ancient Egypt days with lots of sand and lots of NPC dummies' to work for you, Medieval times to pre industrial to bronze age, etc. to modern times. the crafting tables would be set up for those particular time periods. I'm still hoping you will throw in a random big foot or yeti somewhere :)