• Would be nice if we could trap when a storage gui is closed so we can overlay custom gui on top and have a means to dismiss it at the same time as they close the gui
    I know it's to late for the java edition, but something to keep in mind for the unity version. cheers!

  • We will keep this in mind for the new version :) However, if you want to add a special window which is only visible in storage UIs, for example, you could just attach your GuiElement to the storage UI. This part of the API is a little obscure, but when adding a GuiElement to the player, you can specify a parent (more precisely, you have to pass the name of the parent). The name of the storage UI is "Storage", so if you call player.addGuiElement(GuiElement, "Storage"), your GuiElement will only be visible if the storage UI is currently active. Not sure if that helps in this case.

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